Monday, September 14, 2009

i'm a perv

Got another spam email from my stalker, me, trying to get me to open it.

subject: Boobs of greatest chicks.

Wait, what? Who are these "great chicks" and why do i care what their boobs look like? And, if I am indeed the perv that I apparently think I am, wouldn't it be more important that their boobs be great? Because why would i care otherwise, if i just like boobs? And why would I think I'd be interested in this anyway. I don't know me at all.


Joel said...

I just got one from "me" this morning that is titled "biggest fart ever." So I'm apparently pretty gross too.

Alanna said...

I've got one that says, "Weirdest thing I've ever done" and has a graphic in the email. Definitely afraid to look. And then later down, one that's titled, "What is this, a joke?" I hate it when I have to email myself asking whether or not things are jokes! But I do wonder if the two are connected in some way...

MelBroek said...

Well, I keep sending myself e-mails with the subject:


BOOOrrring. It's sad to see that I've lost a lot of creativity. Bummer.

)en said...

ha, those are funny. "what is this, a joke?" ha ha. and the fart one. good times.

yeah, melissa. tell yourself to step it up.