Friday, August 14, 2009

pregnancy fears

Sure, I have fears, a lot of fears. Some may be irrational but I'm only human. I think anyone who's pregnant starts to freak themselves out at one point or another. For example, I continue to bend over even though I seriously swear I'm going to permanently damage my fetus child. And I'm afraid the babe will be born with some kind of disfigurement and I'll always wonder, I'll always blame myself and say, Oh great. Did that happen because of the time I bent over to pick up and eat that brownie blob off the floor? I'll never know, and my fetus child will be disfigured and brownies will be forever tainted. Two of my greatest fears, actually.


Joel said...

Funny, your mom used to say the same thing. Ha!

)en said...

Yeah, good thing hers were UNFOUNDED!

Alanna said...

Welcome to the Club O Guilt! It doesn't stop after the baby is born, so be prepared. One of my all-time favorite movie lines EVer, from About a Boy:

Mom: Have I wounded my son's soul?
Friend: Oh, shut up, you're wounding my soul!

But speaking of all this stuff, when are you due? (Or do we just get to find out when you have the bebe?)

Ashley said...

Remember (probably not) how I had a dream and ensuing, all-consuming fear the night before my ultrasound that Anna had only one foot and a condition known as gigantism? (I remember saying that exact quote in my dream.) Good luck seeing how your kid turns out. :D

)en said...

Gigantism is REAL! i totally saw it on tv. and I weirdly make references to it all the time. funny stuff.

we shall see... oh yes, we shall see.

domandkatie said...

i'm sure once baby morello grows old enough to partake of a delicious brownie, s/he will totally understand and all will be forgiven. honestly. s/he will. don't sweat it. but better make it a ghirardelli brownie just to be safe.