Thursday, July 30, 2009

pregnancy thought

Sometimes i forget I'm pregnant and as I'm focusing on something else, I absentmindedly think, why the hey is my stomach churning so much? What did i eat?? and then i remember: oh yeah, a baby.


Alanna said...

I used to believe I was really nervous. It took a while before I could talk myself into not actually being jittery just because of my stomach. (It's weird after you have the baby, too, though, because then your stomach will growl and your first thought will be, "Hi, baby!" and then you remember, Oh, yeah, s/he's not in there any more...)

)en said...

Your baby growled at you from the womb??

Natalie R. said...

Samuel would always start moving a ton when he heard music. We went and saw The Pirate Queen on Broadway, and he was turning all over the whole time! It was hilarious.