Wednesday, July 22, 2009

were you given the correct name?

I wonder if there are names in the world that are meant for certain people, for a specific look, I mean. They don't always go together but when they do, and when you notice a pattern you wonder why that is, and are glad that the parents chose the name that this person was apparently destined to have. For example: I know several people who share the same name and look freakishly similar. Why? Coincidence? You decide.

I have a blog friend named Kim R. I knew a girl way back in the day, also a Kim R, who looks a LOT like this Kim R. How can that happen? I think their parents chose wisely and gave them the correct name. Not that I think all Kims should look like these girls, but still.. it's a pattern. And a pattern that must mean something.

Also, I knew a guy who, I always felt in my heart, had the wrong name. His name was Tyler. Nothing wrong with Tyler. It's a fine name. But whenever I looked at him i thought, your name should be Ryan. You were meant to be a Ryan. I never thought much of this until I mentioned this to a mutual friend and she said, "I always want to call him Ryan TOO!" What the?? Both of us felt that way independently of each other? What the weird? Clearly he was given the wrong name. (Or maybe it's that Ryan & Tyler are basically the same name.) What do you think?


Stephanie said...

Ryan and Kevin are often interchangeable in my mind but I'm not sure why.

Joel said...

It's too bad parents have to name children when they're purple, alien-looking things, or we might each have more fitting names.

Alanna said...

There is TOTALLY a Tyler in my ward who I always want to call Ryan, also! That is completely weird. I just assumed it had to do with the second letter being a "Y" for both names, but now I'm beginning to think there's more to it. (Enter "Twilight Zone" theme music.)

As far as what Joel says, I agree. It would be nice if parents had a better idea what their kids were going to look like before we stuck them with a name. My Mom's friend has always maintained that it's really mean to give girls boy names-- it works out fine if the girl is cute, but if she's really ugly AND stuck with a boy's name, then she has no chance whatsoever. But what parent thinks their child won't be absolutely adorable some day once the purpleness wears off (and smart, precocious, yadda yadda yadda)?

But I digress. In my head, names have a lot more to do with personality than with looks. Certain names just sound like nice people or jerky people or whatever.

Rob said...

I had a patient the other day whose name was Sequence. What do you have to look like to get that name? Maybe you just have to be the 3rd child or something.

Kim said...

In elementary school, my teacher always called me Julie because I "look like a Julie."


My sister (Sandra)and I both like our names because we don't have many peers with the same name. Dear Mom and Dad Raynor, thank you for giving your daughters names whose popularity peaked in the 1960s!

)en said...

Ha. Yeah. And then I have the most common name in the history of the world, and yet... it is me. And I love it.

Sequence. I think they must have used the ol' point-blindly-at-a-random-page-in-the-dictionary tactic for naming their child. So great.