Friday, May 15, 2009

Poetry Month...was last month.

I recently found this poem I wrote many moons ago. It is awesome and by awesome I mean AWESOME... and kind of dumb.

It is called... Professeur. Just kidding, i just made that up. It has no title.
Also, i won't be offended if you skip over this one. I rarely read poems on people's blogs. I don't know why.


A river of darkness
Such powerful starkness.
Waves of the purest
Lurest mine eyes.

But to stare is a scourge
As I fight the urge
With complete futility
Encompassing Surreality.
To touch, oh to touch.

But it's all in vain
And I self-disdain.
For advertant or not,
I am caught,
It is plain.

I am compelled,
For my eyes will linger.
Always to linger.

I question my motives
I challenge my pride.
I've nothing to succomb to
For I've nothing to hide.

So I admit freely
And so I declare.
My profession is this:
I'm in love with your hair.


Ashley said...

Goodnight. Whose hair was it?

)en said...

i do not recall. but that reminds me of when we ate lunch at the cougareat (yeah, that one time) and i told that guy we enjoyed looking at his hair. a) so lame, but b) remember his name was Ricky?? ha. (no offense to anyone)

Scoresbys said...

My first thought was of that "Gilmore Girls" episode when Lane has a crush on some guy in the band, and she reaches out and touches his hair when he's in the middle of a conversation with someone else. Reminds me a bit of Dorothy Parker. Lots of great people named Dorothy.