Monday, April 06, 2009

those are some gooood riddens

I was reading something online here and someone had written, "good riddens!" After my initial wince, I laughed in delight and told Sean, afterwhich he said:

"It takes all levels of literacy to make the world go 'round..."

It's so true. Have you ever used a word in completely the wrong way? Or mispronounced one, etc? When i was small i remember reading "Capacity 84" on the yellow schoolbus and I read it as "capa-city" for YEARS. And I remember thinking, dummies.. this is bus number eighty-seven. Ignoring that i had no idea idea what capa-city was. I think that was my first bus ever.


Ashley said...

I remember bus number 87!

Anyway, the word that came to mind whilst reading this was "economy," which, as a small child, I pronounced "eck-uh-no-me."

)en said...

that's a good one.

Andrew said...

I always thought Teenager was Tea-Najer.