Friday, April 03, 2009

Things I look forward to this springtime

April is such a great month, for many reasons. One particularly is that it sounds so much better than March and it is so much better. So much more warm-sounding and lovely. Here are a few things I am looking forward to as I continue to worship, keeping hope alive for the warmer months.

1. Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

The gardens are gorgeous and a short walk from my house. I particularly enjoy the cherry blossoms in the orchard around the end of this month or maybe into May? And the japanese pond is always a delight. The Japanese really know how to put together gardens.

1a. Similarly, something that fills me with a great surge of joy is seeing the Magnolia trees blossom around town. I love them, so much. These giant blossoms exploding and weighing down the branch with loveliness.

2. My birthday. I love my birthday. It and spring really compliment each other.

Something i want to do for my birthday this year:

... learn how to draw campgear clipart. <--just kidding, not funny.

3. Frozen treats of all varieties

4. Going here as often as possible:

for this, the best in the world, THE. WORLD.

and don't forget a bottle of this, also the best.

and then walk over to the pier for some ice cream here:

5. Also, guess what starts up again soon?


But with the way things are, the rain, the still chilly temps, the rain and more rain, I will have to be satisfied with this, my latest obsession that's extremely embarrassing yet I can't help myself. It's a horrible & tragic disaster and I can't look away. I cannot look away.


Joel said...

So the pizzeria only operates during warm months?

)en said...

no, i just lose the will to go out when it's cold. but if anything could get me to do it, it would be grimaldi's.

Natalie R. said...

Can I just say real quick that I really miss Brooklyn? Make sure you do all of those things an extra time or two for me. ;0)

)en said...

absolutely i will. I think one of those pics up there is a painting, i just realized. ha ha. i thought it looked weird.

Britta said...

I saw a bit of that show a week ago when I was flipping channels! So crazy!

linsey said...

please schedule us for one of your grimaldis outings. my mouth is dripping in saliva just thinking about it.

Ashley said...

You may have eventually heard about Grimaldi's from the NY natives, but I'd like to be given credit for steering you in that direction in the first place.

(Oh, and pretty flowers. Can't wait to get out of this abomination that is winter.)

MelBroek said...


Melissa's birthday.

Andrew said...

I only went to Brooklyn once on my tour, and it was to sing to old people with hilarious accents. Hilarious for the sole reason that they were old.

The air quality was even worse than inner city Manhattan. Why is that?

)en said...

who knows... probably changes day-to-day. I don't notice it much these days. Which part of Bklyn were you in, do you know?

)en said...

p.s. melissa, don't think i've forgotten. your birthday is a day i look forward to all year.

David said...

i also want to learn to draw camping gear clip art! i've found some classes that maybe you'd be interested in