Friday, April 24, 2009

the juggler in you

When i was about 11 or 12, I decided to teach myself to juggle. So I decided on using oranges since they were a good size, the same size and shape, and had good weight which I feel is very helpful when learning to juggle.

Learning was difficult. I dropped the oranges many, many times, tossing them all over the room, tripping over things, etc. I sacrificed a LOT of my mother's good oranges for the sake of my juggling journey, but it paid off, because I did it. I found control of those oranges and I juggled. I mean, I worked for hours. Days. Weeks. This was a serious endeavor, and I saw it through to the end. This was one of the most satisfying things of my young life, much like when I mastered the pogo stick after similar efforts. I never did conquer the unicycle like I would have wanted but maybe it's better that way. How satisfying it was when we had a juggling unit in my 7th grade Physical Education class when we had to learn to juggle and I already knew how. It's the simple things.

So I feel a bit of pride in my ability to juggle. I'm not great but I can do it. (oh yes, i've kept it up) And it is something that makes me happy. I've a list of small accomplishments in my life that might be silly yet I love them and I'm proud of myself for them. They may not be grand but I feel this is what life is supposed to be about, and if you accomplish these seemingly small things, you've lived a grand life. It's how I see it anyway. I hope you have your own list of accomplishments, big or small, that you take pride in.

And it is why, in a way, being like this guy would be my ultimate dream. I'm in awe. Bravo, sir. Brav-OH. This clip is quite emotional. Prepare yourself.


Joel said...

I too was bitten by the juggling bug some years ago. Fortunately for the oranges, however, my brother had some beanbags specifically meant for juggling, which I used to learn.

Ashley said...

I would say the juggling bug only landed on my arm. I tried to learn for like 20 minutes and probably only had two successful throws. But they felt great.

Also, when this guy really gets going, I love his facial expressions and how the balls almost appear to be moving by magical forces.

)en said...

that's because he's a magician.

Ashley said...

Is he, though? It doesn't say anywhere, and are all jugglers considered magicians?

I can't tell if you're making fun of me or not. If so, read the above comment as hostile and defensive. If not, whatevs.

Alanna said...

Wow. I was already excited to watch some fine juggling, but I wasn't prepared for the rush of joy I would feel as I realized that he was juggling in synch with some of my all-time favorite Beatles' music EVER. Long live Abbey Road!!! That was a spiritual experience.

)en said...

Ha. it was, right?

Funny ash. Hostile. haha. I wasn't making fun of you, i was emphasizing how utterly awesome this guy is and that i genuinely think he's a magician with the juggling.

Rob said...

(Ahem) I don't mean to offend, but this guy BETTER have been a magician! Otherwise it had to be a charity fundraiser for all those people to pay money to only see juggling. I thought 4 1/2 minutes was plenty! No disputing he is an awesome juggler, and has good musical taste. If that's all he does, and gets people to come see he shows, then maybe he really is a magician.

Andrew said...

I decided I would learn to juggle last year over Thanksgiving break. So I did. I think anyone can do it, it just takes an obscene amount of practice.

Then one time, I watched this video, and felt insignificant, and like I had done nothing with my life. Thanks, juggle-sauce man.