Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Geek Alert (code red)

I am sorry--truly, because i may be the only one who thinks this is funny. Well, maybe a couple others will. But as a STNG-lover, I am dying at this splice-up.

Moments I particularly love:

1) Deanna's headache when Captain Picard enters the room
2) Jordi's "entrance" onto the bridge. Oh man.
3) The look Data gives after that just about puts me over the edge.
4) Riker's visor is pretty awesome.

Maybe no one will like this, but this is what I'm about. Welcome to Jen's Log.

p.s. last night Sean and I were watching Star Trek NG and Deanna Troi's mother was on the Enterprise, visiting. I told Sean, "little known fact: That woman is the voice of the ship's computer AND she's Gene Roddenberry's [show creator/genius] wife." I figured out she was the voice in my youth (which was quite a discovery, let me tell you) but didn't know she was GR's wife until recently.

Now, Deanna is the ship's counselor and can sense people's emotions. Her mother, however, can totally read people's thoughts. I continued to Sean, "Deanna can only sense emotions because she's half human, half... something else. What is it? Dang..." I thought and thought but, nothing, and left it at that.

Finally, a good 25 minutes later I said, "Betazoid. She's half betazoid." And the stunned look on Sean's face showed me just how in awe of my knowledge he was, and as he began to quietly weep, I knew his tears reflected his bursting pride to be able to call me his wife.


Pedersen Posse said...

Thanks. I grew a STNG fan also. my favorite parts were Riker's new glasses and Data laughing. I didn't know that that about the computer's voice. Interesting. You are truly a trekie nerd.

)en said...

You GREW one? as in a child or a plant? or...? ;)

I thought you might be one to appreciate that, Ange.

Data's laughing actually disturbs me, as it always did when he behaved human. I much prefered when his emotion chip was turned off (when he finally got one, that is).

As for the computer's voice, it just takes some good ears. And yes, watching a LOT of ST. But I am good with voices.

Joel said...

Ah, yes. For the last couple years I've been wanting to save up for the huge complete TNG DVD set. My wife didn't watch it growing up, but she enjoys it when we watch it together.

As for that video itself, my favorite part was the Bruce-Lee-esque triple punch to the face.

MelBroek said...

Yeah!! Luxana (sp?) Troi! Her name is Majel Roddenberry, and she actually just died within the last couple months. Sad day. Also - she is Nurse Chapel in TOS!

Can you tell that i'm jumping up and down with nerdy excitement right now?!

)en said...

So great. :) Nerd on, Melissa...

Rob said...

For some reason I feel compelled to throw myself out there along side you as a Trekkie nerd. The only part I thought was really funny was Riker wearing Jordi's visor.

There are levels of nerd though, for example, I would never take the time to splice that together, whoever that was has too much time to express the geek within.

However, I did think the factoid about Deanna's mother was quite draw conclusions about me as you will.

MelBroek said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Jen. Also... as I was dwelling on this post (because obviously I spend most of my time just thinking about Jen's Log) I decided that it would be funny if you had put "Red Alert" instead of "code red" in the title.

Just putting it out there...

)en said...

Haha. Red alert.. totally. If only i could have the sound go with it. Dang.

There absolutely are levels, Rob. I remember a post you did on that and it was funny. I'm definitely uber-geek, comparitively, but not as bad as some.

Rachel said...

Holy Crap! That's hilarious!