Monday, November 24, 2008

Optimist #5

The other day I was playing the piano. Now, normally I am annoyed by and might get frustrated and even angry at bugs that like to fly around my body. You wave your hand, they go away for .2 seconds and they come right back. But this time, as I kept waving away the fruit fly that persisted on hanging around my fingers on the piano keys I thought, maybe he is just lonely? Because why doesn't he go find some fruit? Maybe what he needs more is a friend.

And then i swatted him away which apparently was forceful enough to stun/kill him, and he fell onto a piano key and i pushed him down in the crack where the inside of the piano will forever be his tomb. Sorry man. If it helps, I played the Funeral March immediately thereafter.

This post doesn't feel very optimistic...


Joel said...

Well, I'm optimistic that the fly won't have its body desecrated by a hungry spider (unless you have tiny spiders in your piano), but will instead be forever a part of the music scene.

Does that help?

Rob said...

Lonely? You probably didn't wash your hands after your last trip to the bathroom.

If I had the time I would love to devise elaborate deaths for all insects who dare to annoy me. Death by Piano...nicely done.

)en said...

Why yes, Joel, it does help! music scene. ha.

Rob, you scare me.