Monday, November 10, 2008

Night Time

So Friday night was an interesting night. I have this little clock radio that had slipped off the nightstand. So before I got into bed I picked it up and set it back. Only in the middle of the night did I realize I'd placed it upside down. Also, it was kind of a rough night for sleeping. Here's what happened throughout the night and my fuzzy thoughts in the stupor of sleepy out-of-it-ness as I woke up periodically.

E0:1 What the? what does that mean? E o'clock? Buhh..zzupside down...zzzz...

52:h Whaaa.. thaz a high number. 52... dang, what is that in army time? oh no wait..zz..mmm.. upside down.. that's 25zzz. (I must have given up before i deciphered the hour.)

ho:8 ho.. ha ha. what.. Hour 8? 8th hour? hey yeah, that workszzz.. 8:04. i should get up soon. zzzzz.

As you can see, my brain is not equipped to have to decipher upside down times but if you want to give your brain a little extra work in the night time, I recommend this. Actually, the exertion from trying to figure out the time probably helped me go back to sleep right away.


Joel said...

This is another one of those posts that describes Jen in a nutshell.

Ashley said...

Remember that time you said it was so late, like zero o'clock?

Yeah, that was funny.

)en said...

Dang, I thought this post was freaking funny. Guess i was the only one.

Lianna said...

No, you weren't the only one. I was almost crying I was laughing so hard. I especially liked "52? Dang, Is that in Army time?"
I love how badly our brains work when we're asleep.
By the way, I can't get Ashley's blog to bookmark because it says How did you manage that?