Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My thoughts on: Wallpaper, Texting & Spontaneity

These random topics were submitted by Brooke.


General thought: I think wallpaper is ok I guess but I prefer to paint I think. I've never put wallpaper up but I can tell you right now I would suck at it and there would be many-a bump and bubble and I'm certain Sean would ban me from the project. But I can tell you I don't have much of an eye for design. I guess I like things simple.

More specific thought: When I was about 13 or 14 we got to redecorate our bedrooms. The color carpet I chose for mine: A dark teal green, close to this shade:

The wallpaper: zigzags in PASTEL colors. It was not too dissimilar from this:

Oh yes. Like I said, no eye for design. (although i was 14) I do like the carpet though.

Third and final thought: to my roommates: Remember the poem The Yellow Wallpaper that we read as freshman, in the dark, in one of our rooms? We thought it would be a "scary story" and while it is a disturbing tale about a woman going crazy, it didn't quite have the effect we were going for. But one listen to my Jurassic Park T-Rex soundbites and that completely changed.


I am freakishly good at texting. I don't have to look at my phone to do it. What does this mean? Maybe that I am a little sad. And, sometimes i prefer texting to actual speaking on the phone. Does this make me terribly anti-social? I text a few times here and there but not fiendishly like others might. I don't have a new fancy phone or anything. I generally like to spell out all the words but then i realize, nope, not anal enough even for that. And I'll use shortcuts. I don't really care in the end. (but it's probably unnecessary to use shortcuts because i really am very fast) Texting is fun but part of me wants to resist new technologies. I think it's the mountain man in me. Jeb is his name.


I LOVE being spontaneous. I think it is so fun and the spice of life. In fact, I think I am going to spontaneously


Brooke said...

I do recall reading "The Yellow Wallpaper" and being a bit sad that it didn't freak us out as we had hoped.

Who knew you were a text specialist? I'm impressed, I must say. Maybe you could enter a contest...

Joel said...

So... you planned a blog post about spontaneity?

)en said...

Ha. Well I knew i'd write something about it but I didn't know what exactly. I mean, c'mon!