Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my thoughts on: Movies

This topic comes from Melissa.

I love movies. I try to see them in the theater when I can. What kinds of movies do I like to see? Depends on my mood. I lean toward action suspense for when I want a fluffy good time.
Favorite action suspense: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

If I am feeling particularly charitable I will go see a chick flick in order to appease a friend, if I can call them that, Brooke.
Favorite chick flick: Return to Me.

I love a good foreign film. A bad one can be really bad and can be quite disturbing, in my experience. But I took some classes in college that required me to go to the International Cinema. Please, if you are at the BYU, go to this as OFTEN AS YOU CAN. One of the things I miss profoundly from my college days is the International Cinema. I saw so many wonderful things there. And a few not so wonderful.
Favorite foreign film: Amelie. Most painful and full of heartache, in a good way: To Live. I walked out of there barely alive. To live indeed.

I love fantasy films. LOTR, oh YES.

My top 3 favorite movies, if I had to make a list, right now, would be:

Lord of the Rings trilogy (I am not ashamed)
the newer Pride & Prejudice (though the old is golden, of course)
Groundhog Day

I guess i define my favorite by what movies i could watch over and over again. And i've done that with those. Oh wait, and Rear Window. I love the Hitchcocks.

Of course, I have some guilty pleasure movies

I used to enjoy a good scare before I was traumatized for all eternity. But I saw Scream once and kind of liked it, though I don't prefer gore. I loved the implied scariness of The Others. Ash, remember when we saw The Haunting and thought it was the scariest movie ever and then saw it again and couldn't hide from our shame at ever having thought such a thing?

I like comedies except for when this strange phenomenon occurs. So i guess I should say, I like comedies when they're FUNNY.

I like to think I'm a pretty good critic. Just kidding, not really. I just needed a statement in which to insert that link. I'm a pretty easy movie viewer. I'm not too eager to analyze. If something strikes me, that's great. Either way, whatever. I like to go to movies.


MelBroek said...

I am so honored that you have chosen my topic. Thank you for sharing with us! What an interesting top 3!

)en said...

of course i would answer your topic! (<-- that's weird phrasing.) movies are fun.

linsey said...

yet another reason we're meant for eachother--i DETEST kirsten dunst.

Brooke said...

Yes, Maid in Manhattan is horrible. I'm sorry! Forgive me already!

I heard Return to Me. :) Next time we're together, we'll watch it.