Thursday, November 13, 2008

My thoughts on: Ice Cream

Lindsey wanted to know my views & preferences regarding ice cream.

I have a deep, intense love for ice cream. It is quite possibly one of the foods I am not sure I could ever live without. It also has a deep love for me. In fact, it is so in love with me that it doesn't want to leave my side. More specifically, the sides of my legs and belly. Therefore I have to come up with some kind of compromise so that we can still be friends and coexist in peace & harmony.

My general preferences: I pretty much like any flavor except a couple. I particularly love chocolate ice cream. I love B&J's, Haagen Dazs, all the good stuff. I often like vanilla-based flavors like Pralines & Cream or Butter Pecan. The grandma flavors. I love mint chocolate chip. I love rainbow sherbet (not ice cream, I know), I even love a strawberry ice cream from time to time. I am a bit of an ice cream snob, or a dessert snob, in general. If I'm going to consume dessert, it has to be good. I'll not ingest wasted calories, know what I mean? Nothing's worse than eating a high-caloric, fattening thing that's gross. What have I done?? Total waste. So I shy away from brands i'm unfamiliar with unless i want to see if it's good. But if it's not, I won't eat it, and will throw it away. I'm sorry.

So I need something good and that won't make me gain 10 pounds nightly. Thus, my favorite brand is Edy's. (Dreyer's for you westerners) And I LOVE the slow-churned which is something like 1/2 the fat and 1/3 the calories of regular. It tastes awesome & I buy it whenever possible. That is my favorite. Vanilla is a staple in our house mainly because we like to eat many desserts that require it (pie, brownies, etc.) But it is good by itself, with some bananas and fudge sauce, for example.

However, if I had to choose one particular flavor and brand that is my very favorite of all time, it would be this: Friendly's Forbidden Chocolate.

I rarely buy the B&J's and all that, or super high fat ice cream. If I do, it's more of a gift to Sean, aka The Man Who Gains No Weight. It pleases me that someone can enjoy it with no visible repercussions. And i will eat a bite here and there.

Recently Edy's cut down the quantity of ice cream and their containers were visibly smaller. This was an unpleasant surprise. A fan of getting things for free, and also to express my disappointment and demand an explanation, I wrote a letter to them. It stated:

Dear Ice Cream Authorities at Edy's:

Recently I purchased some Edy's ice cream and to my dismay, realized the container is smaller than usual and the price is the same. I felt deceived--nay, betrayed. Why was this happening? I was so confused. And with nary a warning or explanation. I always told my friends that Edy's was the best but maybe Breyers is the way to go afterall...

I think the only way to console me is to send me coupons for free ice cream.



They wrote back and explained they had to make cutbacks for the rising prices of the ingredients. But they sent me coupons and he signed the letter, "The Ice Cream Man."

That last thought reminded me of something. Did you have the ice cream man visit your street when you were young? I did and it was the best thing EVER. It didn't happen too often but I loved the magical eeriness of hearing that far-off distant ice cream tune that told you "GET MONEY NOW." So we'd scramble to the jar of change in the laundry room and get enough for what? A Big Stick. Those huge orangey pineapple popsicles. Every time. Such a fond memory.

So you can see how living here would ruin this memory for me, as they have approximately 5,000 ice cream men (aka "Mr Softy") on every street corner from March 1st to October, thus ruining the novelty and specialness, and they are constantly blaring their tune o' madness, thus annoying me, and continue to play it deep into the night so, by hearing the tune at 11pm, has turned a once happy thing into a totally creepy visual and I say a silent prayer for any children that might be outside. That was the longest sentence ever. And on that slightly depressing and weird note, I end this.


Pedersen Posse said...

I, too, noticed the smaller containers of Edy's ice cream. I'm impressed that you had the insight to write them a letter and complain. Now that milk/gas prices have gone down drastically, I bet they keep their price high and the smaller containers.

If I could pick any flavor of ice cream, it'd have to cookies and cream. I always want to try something new, but I have a hard time giving up a flavor I KNOW I love for something I may or may not enjoy.

PS- I loved your LOTR post (I followed your link). It took me reading the comments to realize you'd imposed your face on an image and that wasn't really you. I was like "Wow, Jen had really long hair. What a great Halloween costume." Then I felt stupid.

)en said...

ah hahahaaha! ohhh man, i am dying. :D so dang funny. Yes, what a great costume! and your neck looks sort of broken in that picture.. are you ok? ha ha. funny girl. That picture still makes me laugh.

About the ice cream: it's true though. If you love a certain kind, it's hard to buy something new because what if it's gross? very risky.

Anonymous said...

oooo, I like my elven name:

Corfinia Lady of the Golden Wood. Not quite as awesome as a queen, but we can't all be Jen.

)en said...

this is true, but there are worse things in life.. i guess. ;)

(that IS a cool name. I just had a LOTR marathon and i cried all over again)