Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My thoughts on: Hodgepodge

Continuing my response to your responses to my request...

Melissa submitted several topic ideas. Here are the thoughts of which I don't have as lengthy of an opinion: (<-- well that's a bit of an awkward sentence now, isn't it.)

Michael Jackson

I think his songs are terribly catchy and he's pretty much brilliant, though perhaps crazy. I'm a fan. Not a die-hard, listen to it all the time fan, but I generally like all of his songs quite a bit. Even from the Jackson 5 days. I have a fond college memory of us gals listening to J5 while cleaning the dorm. Also, you can't beat their Christmas album. Other than that, I don't give him much thought these days.


I find them annoying, generally. I don't care about what they have to say other than when they're performing for me because 99% of the time I am largely unimpressed. There are a few who strike me as having some substance but not too many, as far as I can tell. That said, I admit I indulge in some celebrity gossip and hate myself for knowing certain details about celebrities' lives. I wish I could sign up for a spotless mind procedure but alas. Also: I live in a place where one might see many famous people. I have learned I am kind of a snob regarding this. I absolutely do all I can to not give them more attention than I would give anyone else. Who are they? Pssh, just because their face is more recognizable. That doesn't make them any better or more worthy of attention than me or you. In fact, the next time I see a celebrity, I'm going to ask them to take my picture with some random passerby.

Some celebrities I've seen:

Steve Buschemi
Diane Wiest (twice)
Anderson Cooper
John Turturro (several times)
Paul Giamatti
Elliot Gould
a girl from America's Next Top Model (lame)
an older film actress. I've actually dined with her twice, at completely different restaurants on opposites locations in Manhattan. So weird. I cannot think of her name, nor of any movies she's in. Aaagh, i have to figure out who she is, and why she keeps following me.

Celebrity boyfriend: Stephen Colbert

Personality tests/organizers

I have taken way too many personality tests in my life, more than anyone should ever take, EVER. I had a psychology class titled Personality and it was 100% devoid of any personality or quality to make me want to stay awake, and sometimes, live. I took so many cursed personality tests. Good gosh.. i had forgotten. The longest test I took was like 300 questions or some absurd amount. I thought that if I returned the test to the teacher, having ripped the test in half with a huge poison symbol written in dripping blood on the cover, that would be a clearer indicator of my personality than any results of the questions I answered. And I was tempted. But somehow I finished it. I have taken a color test, many moons ago. I can't remember what I was. Blue & White? Pink? Green? Yeah. Many, many tests. Introvert, intuitive, feeling, etc etc. I don't know. I do remember taking a gender stereotypes test once and scored exactly in the middle. I am totally androgynous, personality-wise, supposedly. Anyway, my thoughts on these tests are they are entertaining I guess and perhaps helpful but I might not put too much merit or importance on them. I don't like a test telling me what I am. In any case, I find that I have way too much personality for any of those tests for me to be accurately categorized.
That's right!

Best Deli

There are a million and one awesome delis in this great town. I have not visited Pax but my favorite would have to be Speedy's on 32nd street. I love delis. Whey are they so wonderful? Because they have every type of food and they make you decide what you want in an incredibly packed, fast-paced atmosphere. This sounds unpleasant but it really helps your decision-making skills. You can get yogurt, hamburger, smoothie, pastry, soup, sandwich, hot foods like mashed potatoes and lasagna, or salads, cereal, milkshake, fries, flatbread, donuts, cookies, meatloaf, pasta, etc etc.


I took about 7 or so years of French and it is a language I love (and of love). I have always wanted to become fluent in that but I confess it is probably not the most practical language. I really ought to learn Spanish. But I'd also love to learn Italian. Or German. If I was fluent in German I could speak it and then laugh at how funny I sound. :) I actually think German is really cool. Language in general fascinates me so really, being fluent in any language other than the one I already am (Pig Latin) would be awesome.


Anonymous said...

I love imagining you going up to some celebrity casually with your camera outstretched... and then grabbing some random person to take a picture with. Love it.

MelBroek said...

Wow! Once again, the honor is overwhelming. All of my weirdo topics at once? Sweet.

I somehow KNEW you were a personality test girl. I predict that you are a yellow.

And (sorry about starting a sentence that way) about Michael Jackson, isn't that true about most musical geniuses? (genii?) "pretty much brilliant, though perhaps crazy"? I think so.

)en said...

Ha--i know, wouldn't that be funny?

Melissa, you are probably right about that. Also: Geniuses vs. Genii. hmm. It's probably genii but I vote geniuses but to say it genius-eez, like analyses.