Monday, October 13, 2008

a la farmers market

My favorite thing in the fall is to visit the nearby farmers market early Saturday mornings. I loooooove it. (<-- the more o's there are, the greater the love) All I need in the world is fruit, cheese, and a baguette and I am a happy girl. I love the hustle and bustle of the market, all the fun foods and fruits and vegetables, how my favorite apple stand is across from the fish sellers and the pungence wafts right on over as i'm selecting apples. Mmmm.. fish in the morning. Ah yes. This is all what fall is about. I get very excited about it come the week end.

Here are some pictures of our trip this past Saturday. Enjoy them this bright autumn morning and may you wish you had a farmers market near you too. Spreading jealousy, that is what I'm all about.

Sean at the market

the hustle and bustle

I need to find the perfect apple.

...and pumpkin

...and string bean.

I did find it, by the way. The perfect apple. It is this: the Mitsu apple, or Crispin. Also, Macoun is pretty nice and tart. Fall apples are like candy. I dream about them all year.

Here are some more pictures of random foods.


these are tomatoes.

look at these pretty eggplants.

At the bread stand.

farmers market cheese is SUCH a treat. <-- i sound like an old lady. I don't care. It is. I love it so, so very much. I get excited when we are getting farmers market cheese. Maybe that's why this kind lady is so sweet to us, because I am practically giddy by the time we get to the counter and I blurt out things like, "YAY FOR CHEESE!!!" She is nice. We tell her "I'd like this dollars worth of cheese, please, of this kind." And she gets the big cheese wheel and slices us a delicious wedge. Sometimes she gives us a little extra because she's a gem.

The cheese has funny names. You think cheese would be all snooty and uppity because it's fine cheese, but take a closer look and you see the names. Womanchego (vs manchego), fromage de o' cow?? Dairyere??? silly cheese. (because i'm sure it names itself)


Then we go home and eat our lovely spread.

We also got a little jug of cider.

Here's another shot because i'm cool like that.


Natalie R. said...

Wow, that looks good! I never usually go to the markets, I don't know why not. I'll have to try to make it next Saturday!

Lindsey said...

Comment on my cider-drinking: I laid off and my problems ended. Are you similarly vexed?

)en said...

Not at all! I think i only have problems with e.coli-ridden guatemala water. I typically have the digestive system of a machine.

Natalie: go. you have to.

)en said...

I just realized "of a machine" makes it sound like I'm trying to announce to everyone that I'm "regular" which would totally be TMI. I just meant that my digestive system is awesome. like machines. (?) which i guess is still kind of TMI, but in a loser way.

Brooke said...

Please FedEx to me an assortment of your market wares. Thank you.

Scoresbys said...

Sometimes I think heaven must be a farmer's market, next to a spa, with football and basketball games on TV, and good music playing.

)en said...

ha ha. That's an interesting heaven.