Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Come on down

The other day I asked some friends, "if you could be on any game show, what would it be?"

People asked, "ANY game show? Ever?" "Ever," I said. "It could be Press Your Luck, the $25,000 Pyramid..."

Hmmm... this is a good question. What would you choose? What would I choose? I really really wanted to be on Pyramid with Donny Osmond. I don't think it's on anymore but I think I'd have been awesome. (I totally looked online once to see how I could enter but it appeared it was no longer on the air. :( )

I once signed a friend and myself up for Wheel of Fortune, best friends week, when I heard they were coming to NYC. Wheel of Fortune would be good because they have so many opportunities to get cash and more cash. The problem is, it's very much a luck and chance game. But I think I'm good at word puzzles. Here's a question: Why oh why do people buy vowels when it's clear they know the word/phrase? They spin and spin and guess the right consonants and then buy vowels. WHY? It makes me insane. One day Pat is going to say "That's it. NO, you canNOT buy a vowel. You are an idiot. Just solve!" Anyway, this sounds like I'm really steamed up about it. I'm not, but still, it's dumb.

My brother and I used to think we'd kick arse on Double Dare. I still do, actually. Jon, are you up for it?

I love Jeopardy, as we all know. And I am AWESOME at it and would totally win... but only if I was playing during kids week. Boy oh boy, those kids would get SCHOOLED. I like Jeopardy because I take a small bit of pride in knowing random useless facts. But you know who knows a lot about everything? SEAN. He is a freakish human encyclopedia. He said he used to read textbooks as a child. Ha ha. Sad...

sidenote: if i was on Jeopardy, I'd tell about the time I came home late one night and gave my mom quite a scare. the end. Just kidding, but that actually reminds me of a really funny story about the time my mom tried to kill me. remind me to tell you about that.

I think I would really suck on Price is Right. I'm not very good at estimating the price of things. <-- I am probably a really good shopper then, eh. "$10 for this can of soup? STEAL!"

Aaanyway, what do you think?


Joel said...

I really like Deal or No Deal, but since it's a game of chance I wouldn't necessarily do any better than anyone else. But I really do well at the Price Is Right. If you watch often enough, you already know the prices of most things.

Rob said...

I would also stink at Price is Right.

I love on Deal or no Deal how they have reasons for every number they pick. "21 because that's the day I was married...oh $1,000,000...ok...25 because it's Christmas Day...$750K?" I love to watch gambler logic. I would still love to go on this show.

I think I and my family would totally dominate Family Fued. There are some retarded families out there. My favorite episode: We surveyed 100 people on their most used condiments.

"um....worcester sauce!"

They new show Hole in the Wall is dumb to watch but would be fun to be in.

Wow that's a lot of comments! I have a few more thoughts by my fingers are tired.

)en said...

Deal or No Deal? really? hmm.

Family Feud WOULD be fun. good one. I kind of want to play that right now. Is there a board game version? There has to be. I must have it.

Britta said...

Oh this is easy: Don't forget the lyrics. Seeing as I'm the human radio, this game show should be a breeze, right? Except the obscure and sundry 60's songs they always seem to choose...

Plus I think I'd really enjoy making a fool of myself singing and dancing in front of millions of people. Oh, and Wayne Brady is my hero.

)en said...

Perfect! I love it. I would pay to watch you, Britta. And Wayne is awesome, so true.

Pedersen Posse said...

American Gladiator or Are you smarter than a 5th Grader are my picks.

Lianna said...

I love this post Jen. My husband makes fun of me cuz whenever I have control of the remote I usually find a game show and get hooked. My favorites are Family Feud and Cash Cab. I would like Jeopardy and other trivia games more if I were smarter. Nonetheless, I find them educational and entertaining.
My friend has the Family Feud Scene It game and it is pretty fun. Do you remember when Ruthie and I made our own Family Feud for an FHE? It was fun surveying people in the Cougar Eat.
Did you see Ken Jennings on Are you Smarter than a 5th grader? He didn't win, but he could have.

)en said...

Hey! No, i did not see that. That would have been good. Wow, that was an exciting time, wasn't it. I thought Ken would last forever. That will go down in Jeopardy history for sure.

I do remember when you guys made that game. Thinking about it makes me want to make my own. I could easily survey a hundred people around here. Fun stuff!

I like cash cab too. One day maybe i'll go downtown and try to catch him and then be like, "hi, i'm lazy & am only going 10 blocks..." so I'd run out of time and keep my cash. Then again i'd only get like $50 so maybe that's a bad idea.

p.s. total laugh out loud @ American Gladiators. Angie, I think you should do it. What would be your Gladiator name?

the end.