Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Things I will never take

1. candy from a baby

2. a chill pill

3. the LSAT

4. drugs

5. that

6. a bow--it would just feel weird. I might curtsy though.

7. away Whitney's dignity


Joel said...

I'm glad that list doesn't include "a shower."
Ha! I kill me.

)en said...

i wish, joel. i wish.

Ashley said...

I keep trying to figure out how "no prisoners" would work in this list, but the syntax is too difficult for me right now. "Any prisoners" sounds lame, but I guess that's what it means.


MelBroek said...

8. "No" for an answer

)en said...

"I won't take no prisoners" might be an acceptable way to use the double negative. But yeah, i spent foreeever sitting here trying to think of more "take" phrases.