Thursday, July 03, 2008


Just wanted to update you all on our AWESOME kites!! I know you've been dying to hear about them.

First: we love our kites.

Second, am I a moron or is it totally hard to fly a kite these days?? Goodness gracious, it took us forever. We first tried with the shark and it was Strug City. Maybe because he's slightly awkward and not your typically kite shape. That's what I'm hoping. And then i was so nervous it was going to come crashing down, which it got dangerously close to doing several times, and probably scared many people and small children. Sorry everyone. Bet you didn't think you were going to be attacked by a shark at the park today. I'm just keeping everyone on their toes. The park is not a place to get lackadaisical.

Thankfully, just as we were about to curse and shake our fists at the skies, we met the Kite Guy. Yes, we have a Kite Guy who visits the park regularly and flies kites of all kinds, many homemade. His name is Carlos, and he saved our lives. He even loaned us some of his own string because ours was way too short and lame. Here he is giving me instruction:

And it's up!

Sean's kite went up in the sky really easily and was cool though it mostly just floated there. I wanted to get a better picture of it but it was like 5 miles up before i could even get the camera out. Carlos was our runner and went waaay out there to toss it up. I couldn't do it because I had Sharky, see.

Let me tell you, the shark does NOT disappoint. The top half is stiff but the rest of the body and tail is loose and it whips around and he does flips and turns and tricks. He really does look like he's swimming in the sky. TOTALLY cool, and people ooh'ed and ahh'ed, which was exactly what i was hoping for. Here I am oohing at my own kite. I could not help it.

If you would like some kite-flying instruction or advice, I can give it to you because I am now an expert.


Joel said...

Your next challenge, kite-master, is to make a Cincinnati fire kite.

Natalie R. said...

Wow, seeing a shark fly above Brooklyn has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

ingredientchallenge said...

LOVED the kites!
We never went and laid in the grass at the park - next time!

Good work on the kite flying - I totally prefer sharky - but Sean's is totally him......good choices.

Rob said...

Who knew kites could be a personality test. Jen chooses a difficult to fly, fear-mongering menace, and Sean chooses an easy to use, high flying, geometrically pleasing masterpiece. I'm amazed you've been able to hold your marriage together this long.

P.S. That was a lot of kite adjectives. Or Kijectives, or adjekites.

)en said...

it WAS a lot of kitejectives. Sharks don't love to instill fear in their prey. It's just their nature, and frightening looks. What can i say, I'm drawn to powerful things. Powerfully frightening..things.. with big teeth. ?
I like the idea of kites being a personality test. I think it says a lot about you for sure.

Anonymous said...

Flying shark-o-gram! Hooray!