Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cow Chase & Wind Chimes

I've long disdained most forms of video art. I have little patience for it. But I think I may have captured something truly profound. If this isn't art, I really don't know what is:

Now it's my turn for help. What should the title be for this piece? Should i keep what i have? Or should I change it to something else.


Anonymous said...

Video art loves a clinical title (it contributes to the irony) Try something like 'Uninfluenced record of reactions to an atmospheric gust: passive musical apparatus and domesticated quadrupedal pair - 7.27.2008'

)en said...

ha ha. geek alert! it took me like 20 minutes to decipher that. I love it. And I love domesticated quadrupedal pair. Would 'bovine' be too obvious? Funny stuff. ANd thanks for the date. nice touch.

Joel said...

"When the Cows Came Home"

Okay, that's totally different from what Sean suggested, but I couldn't help myself.