Thursday, June 12, 2008

you crimp my style


Wavy crimped

My hair is finally long enough to use the wavy crimper. It's nothing but good times. However, it doesn't look so cool the day after.

This picture reminds me of someone. Who is it? Who iiiis iiiiit....

Ah yes.

Day 2 of the wavy crimper gives me Jessie Spano hair. Except too bad I don't have a scrunchy headband bow. What the hey is that thing?


suvi said...

I wish I could see you at church with hair like that. And a giant bow.

p.s. I am now a blog stalker. Just fyi.

heart. suvi

Natalie R. said...

Oh man, Jen - I was totally going to give you that exact same bow for a belated birthday present!! Shoot. Oh well, I'll keep it for myself.

)en said...

Ahhh! Then I really COULD be Jessie Spano. p.s. that is really funny. I kind of want to say that to someone. "I was going to give you _______ for your birthday but I decided to keep it for myself."

Suvi-yesss! stalk away.

MelBroek said...

I fear that with Ashley's newly proclaimed love for me, you may hate me a little. And based on how often I pee while reading your blog (more often than I'd like to admit) i feel that said hatred would be nothing short of a travesty. So let's make one thing clear: your Jessie Spano hair is #1. okay? I like it.


P.S. the facial expression in your version of the scrunchiles- Spano-look is so wonderful. I've seen Ashley make that face many times and I love that I can HEAR the sharp intake of breath, etc.


)en said...

haha! Oh man. Now I know why Ash loves your comments. And she's right, mine are crap compared. There is no hatred, and yes, I think we should all aspire to spano-hair.

Please please keep reading and commenting.

I looked at your blog today and was delighted. Totally funny. I busted up at the X-files music. (I once loved them long ago. I gave them up after a while, but I think something can be rekindled there.)

Natalie R. said...

Ha ha, glad I could provide you with the comment you wanted!

)en said...

Comment I wanted? What a strange/funny thing to say. :)

Ashley said...

Aww... I'm glad to see you and Melissa can be friends. I love it when people that I love end up liking each other.

Anyway, love the hair. How does yours grow like 10 times faster than mine? We are sisters, after all. We should have at least SOME similar traits...

Also, I'd just like to point our that your day-after hair is NOTHING compared to the chia hair I've experienced in humid Poland. Imagine Jessie's hair losing some of the curl and doubling in size, and you've got what mine looks like the next morning.

)en said...

Ch-ch-ch-chia! What is Chia hair? is it green and grassy? i need to google image a chia pet.

i actually think humidity is very good for hair. I don't have any split ends and don't need to cut it more than once a year. Or that is what i tell myself anyway. So embrace your chia hair ash.

Brooke said...

"I'm so excited, I'm so excited! I'm so...scared..."

But, seriously, I like the wavy crimp. Mixes it up for a fun effect.