Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Kite such a stupid title... and lame attempt at a play on words of another title of something else way more serious and somber....

A big thanks to Joel, Ash, Michelle & Lianna, my true friends, for participating in the kite kwiz. ;) I'm going to assume that the rest of you either a) deemed it too difficult and the stress from having to decide was too great, b) had computer problems for the past 5 days, or c) suddenly had a seizure just as you were about to guess, and are now lying in the hospital in a coma. So I guess I will forgive you, THIS TIME.

Drumroll please... you know, that seems a bit outdated. I'm going to change it to... a maraca shake.

Maraca shake, please...

Well, Sean's #2 choice, (he didn't have a third) was this:

But in the end, he bought THIS:

The tristar. Yes, very Sean-esque. Congratulations Joel and Michelle for being spot on! and also to Ashley for choosing the runner-up which sparked a possible hint. :)

As for me, here are my top 3.

In 3rd place was this one:

Good eye to those guessing this one. This shows me you know I like weird things. I loved the legs.

In 2nd place was this:

And my #1 kite choice, and the kite that I purchased issss.....!

The shark. It was love at first sight. I probably should have mentioned before that this thing is ELEVEN FEET. OH yeah. I debated between the bat and the shark but in the end, the shark was way cooler. Plus the bat is sort of like Batman and I don't care about Batman. (but the bat was 8 feet--cool)

You all did rather well. I really did like a lot of those kites. I can't decide who the winner should be. Michelle and Joel chose Sean's. Ash and Lianna were close with the legs. Ok, it's a 4-way tie.

And the prize.

ASH: I like Ash because back in the day, she was easily persuaded to come with me to run errands. "Ash, want to come to the store with me?" "Mmm.. no." "please?" "okay." Also, she helps me with my grammar questions and knows the very soul of me.

JOEL: I like Joel because he comments on my blog and writes funny blog posts too and is kind of nerdy which is cool.

LIANNA: I like Lianna because she has a sweet nature and an insanely cute little boy, and she lives in San Diego, which is also cool.

MICHELLE: I like Michelle because she's made me laugh ever since the 2nd grade. She is also a very good cook. And she doesn't think I'm 2-dimensional, which i appreciate.


Michelle said...

Haha! That is hilarious. I wouldn't have guessed the shark. But yes, if I would have known how long it was that may have persuaded my answer. I still wouldn't have guessed it. I just would have considered it.

Rachel said...

I really have been out of town!

Joel said...

So where does one procure an eleven-foot-long shark kite, anyway? I'm asking because I now want one.

)en said...

Pffft, Rachel that is no excuse. You should still know, somehow, and check in.

Why Joel, I am very pleased to hear that. I got it on

I also bought a classic bow tail, to attach to it. I wish I had gotten two though because one is 8 feet and that's short when the kite is up high. Tails are cool.

Ashley said...

You know, something in the back of my brain said, "Jen would pick the shark." I dismissed it, but I secretly, on some level, knew all along.

Natalie R. said...

Dang, I didn't get a chance to vote! My first choice would've been R2D2, but I think the shark is pretty dang awesome. Are they one-string or two-string kites?

)en said...

I don't know! good question. I haven't opened the ginormous box yet. I imagine it's one string, but I also can imagine being lifted up and carried away by an 11-foot shark kite.