Tuesday, June 17, 2008

typo that amuses me

Lately I keep typing "everyboey" instead of "everybody." It makes me laugh.


Joel said...

You've gotta love it when a typo actually improves a word like that. My personal favorite is "grood," which my friend Todd made up and decided is a synonym of "good," but a little bit more positive.

)en said...

Accidentally made up words are the best.

One time I got a paper back in high school and saw that I had typed "relationshit." I was mortified, but i died laughing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you consider yourself a buoy, or a boy... Hey, I don't know your life.

)en said...

Yes, I AM a buoy. I am a beacon that others can look to when they have gone astray.

Love "I don't know your life!"