Friday, June 06, 2008

Today at Union Square

1. Took Sean's fancy camera to Union Square to get some "NY" shots. What is it about cameras' ability to bring people together? I had two people stop me as I snapped some shots to talk about cameras. Unfortunately I don't know a dang thing about them, but I think these people feel some kind of bond or something. One of the men and I were talking on the subway train about cameras and camera stores and he misconstrued something I said as perhaps a bit racist (he didn't say anything but I could see it in his eyes). I then got off the train and we parted ways, and now there's a person in the city who thinks I'm a racist. I can barely handle that, truly.

2. As I sat on a park bench with my book, I considered pulling the camera out again but just as I was about to unzip the bag, a girl sat next to me and had a cooler fancier camera and started taking pictures, so I left mine where it was and just read my book. I didn't want her to think I was trying to copy her.

3. On the bench across the way, a cell phone rang. People looked at it but apparently it had no owner. Finally a man and his friend came rushing up to it and he hurriedly picked it up. His friend had called his phone that he had apparently left behind. Everyone around them was shocked and glad for them. What once was lost and then was found (and not stolen) in NYC is nothing short of miraculous. We all smiled, glad to have been a witness.

4. I took a picture of the men playing chess in the park. One of them somewhat angrily said, "You payin' me to take my picture??" I didn't hear him at first and, silly me, approached him so I could. He had a shifty look in his eyes and he repeated his question. I totally lied and said, smiling, "Oh, I didn't take your picture!" And then ran away. Seriously, shift city. There have been so many times where I was so scared on the inside but remained cool as a cucumber.

5. I sat by a Swedish couple. I only know because they addressed some postcards to Sweden. Swedish sounds crazy weird!

6. A man walked by and yelled, "He who kills and runs away, lives!" Interesting. Not sure I'm going to adopt that as my personal motto.


Michelle said...

That is crazy. I don’t know how you live there. I do however covet the plethora of restaurants.

PS I removed my comment to spell check it. haha. It would be funny to always just delete comments. ahha

)en said...

Living here makes me feel alive. And yes, the restaurants are quite wonderful.

(i deleted the deleted comment for you, so all evidence is gone. :) )

Natalie R. said...

If you're willing to tell, I'm curious what you said that was misconstrued. If you'd rather not say, no worries.

I love having NY moments, when you have conversations with random people, etc. Sounds like you had quite a day!

)en said...

Nah, it actually wasn't really anything.... just one of those weird/funny moments where you say something and realize someone grossly misheard or misunderstood you and there's nothing you can do about it. Aak! :)

But yes, it was a fun day. I always go to Union Square when I need a NY moment.

Kimber said...

You are a lucky duck; we sure miss the city.

Dom and Katie said...
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Dom and Katie said...

that is a great picture. i never realized just how random it was to be sitting in a dense, green park in the middle of the city. and thank you for your commentary. it made me feel like i had been there for the day. i miss you, new york. even with all of your crazy, shifty people. p.s. that was some fast thinking with the chess player. "who would want to take your picture, crazy?"