Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things I think are disabilities but really aren't

1. Being vegetarian. Why don't you just say you're "happiness-disabled" instead of vegetarian.
2. Being left-handed. Life is rough for you and I'm sorry.
3. People who can't curl their tongue. No one in the world cares about this but there's a slight sense of comradery when you're with a group of people and you find out you are in the tongue-curling club.

Actually i don't have anymore. I just wanted to make fun of you vegetarians.


Joel said...

How about "having a degree in communications"?

)en said...

ha ha. is that yours? no worse than a psych degree.

R* said...

wow. so, i'm 3 for 3, AND i have a BA degree. man. it's a miracle i can even survive out there. are there special ed programs or maybe federal or state funded assistance i could qualify for?


)en said...

Ha ha. Bummer. I'll say a prayer for you.


Rob said...

Vegetarian because you don't like eating an other creature's flesh is acceptable to me.

Vegetarian because it's cruelty to animals...well that's just stupid. There are lots of animals that practice cruelty to animals. We're just the only animals who streamlined the process.

)en said...

Yes, that's a good point, Rob. Animal cruelty IS stupid. Care to tell us about the crab incident again?

(No, i'll never let it die. EV-ER. :))