Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Input, please

I got my ears pierced when I was sixteen. I used to love to wear tiny tiny earrings. I wore tiny hoops for months at a time, many months, (never took them out ever) until that fateful day when one fell out and was lost and I had to take out the other one. This was in college. Since then, I have not been able to wear earrings. My ears hiss and spit when I try to put anything in them and I finally succumb and say, ok ok, fine. No earrings. You win. jerks.

I like wearing earrings though and I miss it. And lately i've been totally thinking about piercing my ears somewhere else, not on my defective lobes. What do you think? Should i do it? And where, exactly? Top of the ear, mid-ear? Low but to the side?


Michelle said...

I personally think it looks like trash if it is anywhere but the middle of the lobe, but that's just me. Of course you could do the extreme I saw the other night. A guy had his head shaved and had spikes implanted in his head like a mohawk. It was disgusting.

Evelyn said...

Jen! I've been in seattle for the past three weeks and so haven't visited blog world in a while. But I must say... after reading the past few posts- I'm dying laughing as usual at you! Seriously, you are so funny and I love to read this blog!
Oh- by the way- awesome job on the piano. THat sounded hard! My hand would have fallen off about mid-way through!

)en said...

that's interesting, michelle. :)

Hey Steph! haha, thanks for the laughs--as in, thanks for thinking i'm funny. and i'm glad you're back!

Joel said...

You should pierce the tragus (look it up). That would definitely make a statement.