Friday, May 02, 2008

Boston Pics

Here are some pictures of my trip to Boston, in case you are interested. I will put in some captions that will hopefully entertain and delight you if the pictures don't. I think i'm in almost all of these. Instead of saying, for example, "here's me by Paul Revere's house" i'm going to say "Here's P. Revere's house next to me." I'm arrogant that way. This is a joke, i will not do that. I don't think i even got a picture with P. Revere's house--drat. For some reason i am too lazy to type "Paul." So hard.

(m.s. [mid-script, as opposed to p.s. post-script] Special thanks to Brooke for sending me all these pictures after I had fake-forgotten my camera. Turns out i saw it in my bag as we were packing to go home. Neat.)

First, the train ride. It was long. I got antsy. I got tired. Brooke sat across the aisle from me. She took my picture.

We had traveled about 3/4 of the way when finally we were able to get a seat together and liven things up with some mad libs.

Our hotel was in Charlestown, which is where Paul Revere rowed his boat to when he got on his horse, in case you were wondering. Here is a view of it from the ferry.

Near our hotel was also the Bunker Hill monument. It is tall. Wow, these captions are off to a good start. Zzzzzzz...

Speaking of the ferry ride, we took the ferry in and out of town every day. What a wonderful way to start the day. Here are a couple pictures of us on ye olde ferry.

Our hotel was also by the USS Constitution, a ship used in the war of 1812. Is that right? Man. I like history but i swear I can't retain this stuff. I'm all, "this battle ship was used in the civil war..." Anyway, we took a tour. It was cool. We tried to think of "ship phrases" but the only thing i could think of was "off the port bough!" And would just say that over and over. I didn't even say a complete sentence. Just "off the port bough." I would not be a good sailor.

Guess what? Boston is a cool city. It has a lot of history. Brooke knows a lot of history. We followed the Freedom Trail and became unhealthily attached to it. I started getting the shakes if we veered off too far, which we did many times, and i cried upon our return to the Trail. I am not ashamed to say i walked directly on top of it whenever possible.

here's a picture of a burying ground, where P-Rev is buried and Ben Franklin's parents.

Old North Church Steeple. We probably should have gone across the street for a better shot. But this one's nice too. The church is pretty cool inside. We sat in a box/pew and read the bible and hymnbook there. You might think this is a joke but you would be wrong, dead wrong.

Here is a picture of the narrowest home in Boston. What a claim to fame. Fun picture though, eh.

I brought some facial goop for us to use at nighttime as we relaxed from the arduous day of sight-seeing. Here we are looking frightful. Brooke makes me laugh because her scary face is half scary, half smiling. Brooke, you'll never get away with being a truly terrifying monster if you growl-smile.

We took the subway out to Harvard and visited Henry Longfellow's house which was gorgeous. Here it is with me in front of it. Ah, my farmer's tan is coming along quite nicely. Perfect.

On the way back, I decided to just apply for Harvard real quick. You never know. We'll see what happens.

Here is Paul's house. It was fun to tour. Old houses are crazy cool.

Lastly, guess what? I opened up a restaurant in Quincy Market in B-town. I am glad we went so i could see how it was doing. Business is going well I think.

And those are the pictures. Good thing too because my forehead is about 2 inches away from smacking into the table, i'm about to fall asleep. This is why i don't do newsy posts. I bore myself to tears. p.s. does anyone actually cry because they're so bored? You'd have to be pretty bored. Wow, i think i'm about to find out. Sniff.


Joel said...

You also don't get the interesting comments on newsy posts <--case in point.

Amy said...

That looked...and sounded like a fun trip. Thanks for posting pics. I truly benefited from this post. So thanks for posting a "newsy post" I for one quite enjoyed it. And I also think my comment was there.

Brooke said...

Gooood times had by all in the B-towns (both Boston and Brooklyn). Thanks for being a great travel companion, J.

Michelle said...

This post makes me homesick for Boston. We went to church across from Longfellow's house for a time....until they kicked us out and moved our ward to a remodeled boiler factory.

)en said...

Ha. good one joel.

Ames, touche. That was a great comment. And any time someone benefits from something i do or say, well, that's a good day.

What a nice chapel that was, Michelle. But a remodeled boiler factory sounds even cooler. I go to church in an old Union building. It's like a thousand years old and it's on Union Street.

Scoresbys said...

wow. I, too, was going to leave the "I went to church across the street from Longfellow's house" comment but I guess it has already been taken. So I'll say that I used to shop at the Crate and Barrel down the street from the church across the street from Longfellow's house. And once when I was trying to ride the T to the Harvard Yard stop, an announcement came on the loud speaker. I kept waiting for them to repeat the announcement in English so I could follow the instructions, but after a few times I realized the person WAS speaking English, just the Bahstan dialect. Try as I might, I couldn't understand anything the person said and I had to walk up to a worker and ask him to repeat the instructions again just for me, loudly and slowly, like you might for somebody in a foreign city, or maybe just somebody really slow who grew up in Utah.

Michelle said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, JEEEeeeALLOUS!

)en said...

Ha. Yeah, the announcers' accents were pretty great. I can't decide which is better, Boston or Brooklyn. I guess i'm partial to Brooklyn...