Wednesday, April 30, 2008

what sean and i talk about

In the Firefox web browser, there is a space in the navigation bar where you can type in a word and do an immediate google search. This doesn't go away in your screen unless you delete it, even if you've left the google page and gone elseplace. The phrase in that space right now?

"inbreeding diseases."

This is indicative of our topic of choice last night as Sean ate some cornbread at the computer and I washed the dishes. As I sit here, I look up at it occasionally, too lazy to delete it, and reflect on what important and intellectually stimulating discussions we have.


Joel said...

That's even weirder than the conversation I was just having with a coworker about whether or not Lance Armstrong's remaining, uh, "boy," has to produce twice the amount of testosterone...

)en said...

Ha. No no, i think that's pretty good.. as in weird. Interesting though. Maybe he gives himself injections?