Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why I'm Great--Happy Birthday to Me

#1. Just kidding, that is not what this will be about. If it was though, what are some things you'd add to it? You know, just out of curiosity...

Ok, so I love my birthday. People who dread their birthday make me sad and I want to throw them a party then and there. We all like to celebrate our birthdays in different ways. Some people like big to-dos. Some don't. But they should be celebrated, of that I am certain. Don't downplay the day of your birth. Let people celebrate it. Everyone should partake of this happy occasion because really, your birth is a gift to THEM. So actually I should be wishing everyone ELSE a happy birthday. A happy Jen's birthday. I think i'll try that. I don't think it would be annoying at all.

Here are some pivotal birthdays:

When you are 8 in my church, you are baptized. That is a special day. Also, for my 8th birthday, I went to the Golden Corral. Oh yes. Birthday wishes do come true.

When you are 10, you are double digits! YEAH!!

When you are 13, you are officially a teenager and it's exciting.

When you are 16 you get your driver's license.

When you are 18 you are officially an adult. And, you can give blood without a parent's signature. Score. Oh, and vote.

When you're 21 you can buy alcohol and gamble. But i don't drink. I do, however, have a gambling problem. My problem is I don't know how. Just kidding, this is all facetious. I don't have a gambling problem. Or do I??

25 is a good age because it just sounds and feels good. Quarter of a century? right on. And you can rent a car.

Then there's your golden birthday, when you turn the number of the date. Like last year was mine: I turned 27 on the 27th. I'd been looking forward to that my whole life. It was all i'd hoped for and more. To people who were born in the beginning of the month: you totally got ripped off, and I'm sorry for you.

This year i was feeling kind of sad about my birthday. 28. What? That sounds so boring. It's totally close to 30 which kind of is lame, and what's cool about 28? nothing. It doesn't sound good. It doesn't feel good. It's just boring. But then I realized there IS something cool about it. See, I was born in 1980, which is the best year in the existence of time. I'll explain why in a second. So my birthday was 04-27-80. Well. THIS year my birthday is this: 04-27-08. OH-EIGHT, see?? Pretty cool, right? Right?? tell me it's cool. I had to convince myself.

The reason why it's the best thing ever to be born in 1980 is that i always know what age i am in certain years. 1997? oh i was seventeen. 1982? i was two. And now that we've hit the turn of the century? AWESOME. 2000? I turned twenty. It's 2008, and i'm 28. See? It's ok to be jealous.

So, happy Jen's birthday, everyone. I hope you all have a great day and that you get to celebrate and have fun.


Ashley said...

And a happy Jen's birthday to you! I did feel a little bit further from you today. It's almost as if I could feel the change as you were no longer only one age away from me. Now you're two. So sad. I thought we were close.

Lianna said...

happy 28th in '08! April is a great bday month! So... what did you do to celebrate? you know what I did to celebrate your bday today, I read your blog :)
you've still got several hours left to celebrate, so stop blogging and go feed your gambling addiction ;)

Joel said...

That's funny, because I use the same trick to remember how old I am. (I was also born in 80. Which reminds me, in Korea you're only allowed to use the word "friend" with people who were born the same year as you. So we're totally friends.)

Alas, my golden birthday occurred when I turned 6. I hope I enjoyed it.

Anthony and Rene said...

Happy Birthday. I remembered it was your birthday yesterday since you share the same birthday with my niece. I hope you had a splendid day yesterday. You and Tatjana (my niece) should have celebrated together since you're both in NY!

Amy said...

Yes, a Happy Birthday to you! I wish I could sing you a song. It would probably be a primary birthday song...which would be lame. But still a song none the less. Hope you and B had a fun trip. Are you going to blog about that? Anyhow, hope you had a great day. LOVES!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday!

)en said...

I know, it's sad, Ash. Just 7 more months and we'll be a year apart again.

Joel that's interesting. We are totally friends. 1980, high five! what do they say in Korean for what we call friends? buddy? comrade?

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Primary birthday songs are the best.

Scoresbys said...

Happy Happy Birthday to You! And am I the only one out here who takes offense at the 30 is lame comment. 30 is so not lame. It's the beginning of a whole new decade, the cusp of new possibilities. 30 is awesome. Now 31, on the other hand, really is lame.

)en said...

Good for you. you just keep telling yourself that.


Martha said...

I have to admit, I am quite jealous of the 1980 thing. Michelle was also born in 1980 and could always figure out how old she was in what year. I was born in 1989 and trying to figure out dang 9's in addition is a hard thing for such a young person. I have since realized that I can just think of 1990, and then add a year. It's great.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Jen!!! And yes, 1980 was a great year to be born in. Sorry barely missed it.

)en said...


Yeah, but Brooke's birthday is unique in that she was practically born in 1980. She only had a few hours of life before the new year. That sounds like she died, but don't worry, she didn't.

I love that you commented on my blog Martha. I'm glad you appreciate the 1980 thing. Figuring out my age with a 1989 birthday would totally be hard for me. Glad you've beaten the math.

KamilahNYC said...

Happy Birthday! Sooo glad you had a happy day! And I am 30 and it's definitely the new 20. so there.