Monday, April 21, 2008

pak the caah

My dear friend Brooke is in town to visit me. We are minutes away from catching a midnight train to Georgia. No, just kiddin'. We're going to Boston, and it's 9am. But we are taking the train.

BEAN TOWN!!! We are very very excited. What are some things you think we should do? Not that it matters because, as I said, we're leaving momentarily and i won't get your suggestions. Maybe you can guess what we're going to do and we'll see if you're right. That sounds like an insanely fun game.

A couple things on our "MUST DO" list:

Brooke: Freedom Trail, Mike's Pastry, Literary Trail.

Jen: 3-D IMAX BUGS movie. Oh yes. And, the swan boats.

We may not actually do the literary trail. Brooke might be nice to me and not torture me that much. Just kidding Brooke. But she even said it sounded too nerdy for her. We are, however, going to be doing some pretty nerdy stuff which is ok because Brooke is very good to have around if you want to learn about history. Our hotel may or may not be called Constitution Inn and we may or may not be reading from the Constitution every night. I'm excited about everything, mostly to get out of town. I'm always very surprised when I go to another "big" city in the US. I get there and i'm like, what?? Pffff! This is TINY! No offense to any Bostonians. It's just so much more doable than this freakin' ginormous mini-planet bubble that i live in. The subway map looks like a kid made it, it looks so simple. Hurrah! Ok, we're out of here. Have tea parties and watch some Sox and eat some chowdah while we're gone. Bye!


Joel said...

Jen, I hope you have fun.

Brooke, I shake my fist at you, because I was going to bring you some stuff to look at this morning.

Michelle said...

JEEEEeelous! That sounds like a blast and I hope you both have a ton o fun. PS. the IMAX movie? Is that like the cool bug movie we saw at the international cinema?....cuz that was great!

Ashley said...

This has nothing to do with your trip to Boston (or does it...?), but I kept reading your title as "pak the cash," and I had NO idea what that had to do with Boston. I had to read it quite a few times to get it. Anyway, in conclusion, Ash is dumb.

Natalie R. said...

Have a blast! I haven't been to Boston yet, but it sure sounds like a fun place. Maybe I can convince Cameron to do some interviews up there or something. ;0)