Friday, April 18, 2008

Color Me Happy

It's springtime, finally, if you can believe it, and I'm excited about it. Every year at this time it takes me a long while to really accept that it's truly warm, and that it is ok, that it's normal and typical for this time of year. The seasons are so extreme, particularly summer and winter, and i have a hard time making the transition, particularly clothing-wise, just because I can't believe it.

In the winter, you are married to your coat. If you can help it, you put off having to wear your huge heavy marshmallow coat as long as possible. "Big Blackie" is what i call mine, and I am happy to say that i only had to pull him out maybe 3-4 times this winter. I think I resist consigning to the fact that winter has really come and i live in a cloud of denial and tell everyone that I LIKE to shiver, it helps me feel alive. But still, Blackie or not, i have to wear a coat. So when it starts to get warm, I shed the coat and have to prep myself for the Death that is summertime. Hot, humid, sticky sweaty summertime. Most people dress for the elements in a way that is fun--like, "i love wearing flip flops and summer clothes.." I do too but for me, it goes beyond fun and is absolute sheer necessity for my survival. If i don't find cool lightweight clothes in the summer, I WILL DIE. I am not over-dramatizing anything.

This makes clothes extra important. Having just made a shopping trip to get some summery clothes, I realize that i have somewhat two very distinct personalities. In the wintertime, I am a true New York City gal. Black, black, and more black. I love wearing black, it's all I wear, and i can't not wear it. The thought of wearing something bright in the winter seems ludicrous, though I'm not sure why.


When spring and summer get here, I am a full-fledged bright-colored summer girl. I love bright colors. Everything is bright. My shoes, my shirts, bags, everything. Well, maybe not pants, but sometimes. I would wear brightly colored pants if Sean let me. He might make me walk 10 feet away from him if I had pink pants on (which i do own.. they're striped, even better.) Those are not as easily accessible, however.

So it's kind of fun, that I seem to reflect the seasons. And i just realized that in the fall, I am soooo an earthy gal. Orange, green, brown. YES. In fact, I carry this with me through the winter as well, incorporating them into my black wardrobe. It's a little bit hard for me to wear pastels, so in the spring i kind of skip that season and go right on to summer. My "easter dress" this year was a bright bright blue shirt and a freakishly bright orange/red skirt. Sometimes i can't stop and i feel like i have a subconscious goal to blind all who come within my presence.

So i love colors. I am married to someone who loves colors. This is a guy who wanted the pink razor phone (i got the black) and whose favorite birthday gift was some plates i found that have the names of different paint colors on them. So, to introduce the spring and to thank Mother Nature for the 75 degrees that it will be today, I give you "Ode to Color," a montage of photos I have of various objects and art. Hopefully they will brighten up your day. Cheers. :)

These are pictures I took at the Colors show at the Museum of Modern Art. Cameras were not allowed so I had to sneakily take almost all of these with the camera down at my hip. Good times. Gives you a "hip's eye" perspective that no one can ever seem to get.

Here are my summertime bags and purses. Aren't they cheery.

Here are Sean's superfun plates.

Here is a painting from Sean's most recent set of work. It's delightsome.


Ashley said...

I love it! It makes me want to eat ice cream and paint our apartment and then decorate with the paint samples.

Natalie R. said...

Fun colors!! I love the pictures you take, they're so artsy. :0) Yay for spring!