Thursday, January 03, 2008

Things I learned from Christmas break

1- Puzzles are actually fun and I don't have puzzle A.D.D. as much as I thought I did

2- carpet is nice

3- a car is nice

4- Gas prices mean absolutely nothing to me. They've been completely irrelevent to me and my life for so long, I have no strong feelings about them in any direction.

5- Beating my dad at chess induces a near-euphoric state in my brain.

6- I love all games, except I've always known that.

7- I can be away from Sean for approximately one week before I start getting the shakes.

8- It doesn't matter what you get for Christmas. As long as there's a robot or a remote-controlled something nearby, Christmas will feel right.

9- Having a laundry room in your house is a luxury. All of you should appreciate that.

10- If you want to throw up, take stale expired Pepto Bismol, apparently.


)en said...

There are some exceptions to #6. I love all games except the following: boggle, balderdash, & scattergories. Possibly more.

Anthony and Rene said...

Hi Jen!!!! Sorry for not informing you about my blog. But I am glad that you found it and I am adding you to my links. I LOVE blogs!!!!

)en said...

SWEET. I love them too. Who doesn't, right?

Natalie R. said...

I love puzzles, they're the best! I love beating my dad at chess, too - although he gets pretty upset the rare times that happens. Oh well, I still enjoy it! :0)