Sunday, January 20, 2008

deep thoughts

Here's a question for you. Where do you do your best thinking? For Sean it is in the shower, and judging by his eternally long showers (heh), he's getting in quiiiite a bit of good thinking done. He'd better invent something soon or something. I like thinking in the shower too but I can't get too distracted or else I'll fudge up my routine and it totally throws me off and i hate that. Like one time I forgot to put conditioner in until everything else was done. Crap! Everyone knows conditioner is supposed to sit for a few minutes.

Aaanyway, I am trying to think. When i do the dishes is pretty good thinking time. Also on the subway. It used to be when i mowed the lawn--by far the best time, but i don't do that anymore. But, as we've all recently learned, apparently I can get some good thinking time just about anywhere--even amidst a conversation with you. (I'm sorry, beforehand.)

What is yours? while driving? showering? At nighttime lying in bed?


Ashley said...

"Even admist a conversation with you." Funny, Jen.

As you well know, I usually fall asleep before my head hits the pillow, so lying in bed isn't the best time to think for me. I totally agree about mowing the lawn, but since I don't do that anymore, I'd have to say that it's when I'm doing the dishes. So we're basically the same. Another reason why we're one. :D

Anthony and Rene said...

I would have to say while mowing the lawn too, but it's too cold to do that now. Currently it might have to be while sitting in's nine hours of the day. No I'm kidding i pay attention to the prof the whole time. So I would have to say walking home from school.
ps. the other day in the shower I was thinking and not paying attention to what I was suppose to or needed to be doing and totally put face wash in my hair.....scrubbed it in and then realized. Humm.... I guess I won't have zits on my head now!

)en said...

Ha ha. Oh man.. see? that's exactly what I'm talking about. Gotta focus! I've done that too but i freak out a bit more, for some reason. "Aaaahhh! I just put facewash in my haaaaair! Noooo! now all my hair will fall ouuut..." which is absurd because what am i putting on my face, hydrochloric acid? And thank you, chemistry class, for teaching me that one term. And the symbol for iron. (Fe)

Joel said...

I'll have to go with the shower too. My theory is that having no clothes on helps you think outside the box, even though you're sort of standing in one.

Michelle said...

You just remember Fe because of female and ironing huh.

)en said...

ha ha. that is exactly right.