Monday, November 12, 2007


Yesterday was our Thanksgiving. We've spent the last 4 with our friends Dominic and Katie who host it every year. It's been such a fun tradition and I love it so. We bring our own food to share and we usually play games into the night. For me, this was not a fake Thanksgiving dinner. Sean and I have decided not to have a feast on the actual day but will spend it doing something else because this day is special and yesterday was it. It felt as much like Thanksgiving as if it were the real day.

Sean & I made:

1- cream puffs w/pudding and chocolate topping and blueberry topping
2- the largest pan of yams ever beheld by human eyes.
3- a salad
4- the deliciousness of Martinelli's

I have been craving yams and i don't know why. Maybe it's because i don't eat my vegetables. Maybe it's because i grew up with them for Thanksgiving (that sounds like yams used to be like a brother to me). I never really liked them but this year i had to have them. And we didn't get a picture. lame. but that's fine because who wants to see a picture of yams anyway.

Here's Sean mixing the pudding:

Here's me with the cream puffs:

I don't think i have a picture of the final product. We were all too busy gorging ourselves on dessert to pull out the camera. We have leftovers. If i'm lame enough, i might make one up for you to see. And yes, I am that lame. Here are a few pictures of friends and food.

Here is Sean's center piece.

Seriously? The food was fantastic. Best t-giving dinner i think i may have ever had. We had rolls, stuffing, green beans, deviled eggs, salad, yams, turkey, potatoes & gravy, etc. Why do we love thanksgiving food? Because it's so good, that's why. I think i ate my weight's worth and here is a pic of me and Sean doing our best vomit faces. Actually no, i could make a much better vomit face than that. But we tried to look ill, which wasn't hard.

Then we moved the party to Jeff 'n Scout's house where we ate dessert and sat around. At one point someone suggested we leg wrestle and I was all over that, for reasons unknown. I think it's because no one felt comfortable wrestling someone who wasn't their spouse, and Sean and i are the most equal in weight. haha. *sigh*

A friend kindly took some video of it. I think you miss the actual flipping over but here you get to see a bit right before Sean won. You also get to hear me grunt which is awesome. What am I saying? "Yerrrrr!"?

Here's right after I won. Don't underestimate my thighs. (<-- not something i ever thought i'd say)

(please notice the arm warmers. also, i need to pay more attenion to what I wear if I'm going to post pictures of myself on this blog. blue shrug sweater every day!!)

It was the best day and the best Thanksgiving. I just wanted to say that I love B-town and I've loved the friends we've made here. Thanks to all who made it possible. And now i will stop being a sap.


)en said...

bummer. looks like the video isn't working. well, in that case, I won every time!!

Brooke said...

So fun, J! Looks like you've got yourself a great family in Brooklyn. :)

scout said...

yay! I love that as soon as I start checking your blog you've got a fantastic lazy eye picture of me. I love the one of the babies. I need copies of the pics. a very memorable day-- I think we just should have chanted jeff and joe longer. and I'm dreadfully sorry I ever underestimated the power of your thighs (I just wanted to make sean feel good, he doesn't read your blog does he?)

Kelli said...

I really do think that was the tastiest thanksgiving ever. Or maybe I was just the hungriest. Either way, good job everyone.

)en said...

i know! the food rocked. high fives all around.

scout--haha.. lazy eye. yes, that's how i reward you for checking my blog, for posting ugly pictures. of course that is not true, but it's funny.

i think i had the advantage of knowing the rules of leg wrestling which is why i won.. and also my massive thighs. but, to his credit, Sean IS deceptively strong for his stature. is that another insult? i meant it not to be. i love my husband.

)en said...

oh wait, one more. i have tons of great pictures and i'm still trying to figure out the best way to get them to people...

Anonymous said...

Deceptively strong for my stature... okay, apparently that is better than being correspondingly strong to my stature... and apparently niether is as strong as your one thigh... BALDERDASH!

Besides, as I recall I won one out of two matches, can I get no credit as a gentleman?