Friday, November 02, 2007

Apple Uglies

As previously mentioned, we did the traditional apple uglies this year and they were frawesome (= freaking + awesome. pass it on). Here are some pictures. I apologize for the fuzziness. We had very dim lighting and our camera is dying. The battery gave us time to take one, maybe two pictures at a time so we had no time to adjust the camera and whatnot. Plus i had to hold my apple's face into place until the last second before Sean took the picture.

Anyway, here's Sean's first:

nice. i like the fangs.

And here's mine. Truly terrifying. Sean said he was going to have nightmares and i said "she just wants to be pretty..."

Here she is again w/no flash.

And one more with some minor adjustments. I was proud of myself for her eyes and made them even scarier by spreading them far apart and making one droop.

hahaha.. i just clicked on preview and this last one totally makes me laugh. Oh man... i think that one's one of my favorites that i've done...


Lianna said...

Do you eat them? Or would that offend your frawesome works of art?

)en said...

mm.. we eat a bit of them. maybe one. we'll get all the candy off and slice the apple. the candy's pretty gross and i get sweet overload pretty fast. but yeah, they usually go in the trash, sadly.

Brooke said...

Truly classic Apple Uglies. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Jen!