Wednesday, October 10, 2007

my "sincerest" sympathy

Ok, i have decided that sympathy greeting cards are the BEST. Today i was perusing some in a pretty cool paper store in Chelsea. i say this because you'd think they wouldn't have such awful cards because aside from them, they had some pretty amazing ones, and i don't even care about greeting cards.

But anyway. First, there were sooo many that said things like "I'm sorry for your loss" with a puppy on it. Or, "I'm sorry you lost your pet" or "It's always hard to lose a loved one" with a cat or a dog. I mean, i love animals. I love pets, but there were almost NO cards that didn't imply it was for someone whose pet had died. But in a town where people are freaks about their pets, this shouldn't surprise me. I was highly amused though.

But the thing that had me laughing out loud and i was so tempted to buy it was one with a picture of a handsome guy kind with a concerned look on his face, kind of leaning across a table with his arms laid out in front of him. inside it said something like this:

I know you've been going
through a hard time

right now

I just want you to know that
i care and that i'm thinking

of you.

If there's anything you need,
anything i can do, just let me know,
and you got it.

ok, the inside is dumb enough but what's with the front?? Oh, ok, so you're saying THIS guy is sorry and HE'LL help me out if i need it? why? why the picture? it just made me laugh. sometimes cards are kind of dumb to me, especially ones that say things like "my sincerest sympathies.." yes, so sincere that i had to buy this card to say it for me. and, this guy's face says it better than mine. ohhh anyway. ah well. :)


)en said...

regarding the title: i just wanted to continue the quotes thing. It's just too fun.

Joel said...

I bet there are a host of as-yet untapped occasions for which cards could be produced. I mean, look at the prison system alone. That's over 2 million potential customers right there.

"My condolences in light of your cellmate's recent shivving."

"Can I have the leftovers from your last meal?"

"You are cordially invited to a riot to take place on Wednesday the 25th. Please RSVP to Sharky no later than the 18th."

Joel said...

Somebody stole my idea!
Inmate Greeting Cards

)en said...

ha ha! Oh man--those are awesome. I wish i knew someone in prison who i could send that to, but then i guess it wouldn't be funny because they'd actually be in prison.