Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Foods I used to hate but now LOVE

Here are foods I've done a complete 180 on. for. about.

1. stinky/strong cheeses
2. dark chocolate
3. fruit in leafy salads
4. fish
5. spicy foods (not all, but my tolerance for spiciness has risen significantly and I've learned i'm depriving myself if i say no to all spicy foods.)
6. blue cheese--ohhh I LOVE you. I know this would go under stinky cheese but it just deserves its own slot.

What are yours? Do you have any?


Michelle said...

Cucumbers are growing on me.

Joel said...

Various peppers, even that one kind I had that made me sort of black out for a few seconds.

)en said...

Cucumbers? What? How could anyone not like cucumbers. No, i'm sorry. that one doesn't count. ;)

peppers that make you black out?whoa, man. Even i am too big of a wuss to try those. But now i kind of feel like i have to...

Amy said...

Onions. I used to shy away from them, but now...load 'em up baby! Cody would have to say pears and tomatoes for Kenzie. I thought I'd include the whole fam on this one.