Friday, August 10, 2007


Once upon a time, when we moved in, our walls were a creamy shiny grossness. Then we painted one portion of the living room a dark purpley red and the other part a nice sagey green. This suited us for almost 3 years until we decided the room was too dark. We loved the red though so the green had to go. We thought, hmm... maybe an ivory? Nah, too boring. How about a nice light yellowy color? So we randomly stopped by the hardware store one Saturday (2 weeks ago), picked out a color, and they mixed up a bucket for us.

It was fun to be spontaneous. Then we went home where Sean basically did all of the painting while I read Harry Potter. Hey, I did my part. Anyway, much sweat and many layers later, we reorganized the furniture and looked at it.

Sean: "Well... it IS lighter..."

Jen: "Yeah. I mean, we're just not used to it."

Sean: "Yeah, we'll give it a few days."

Jen: "And then we'll put stuff up on the walls. THAT'S what it needs, yeah..."

After all that was done, we surveyed the scene once more and finally I couldn't pretend any longer.

"I hate it!!!"

Sean: "Me too!"

Jen: "Ugh, we have to get rid of it NOW!"

So we decided on a slatey-blue with a touch of lavender, a bit of warmth. The next Thursday I went back to the store and collected as many paint color tab things that came even remotely close to our envisioned color. That night we debated and deliberated and compared and contemplated and finally, FINALLY decided on a color. Violet Mist. To commemorate the birth and death of the yellow walls, I wrote a poem:

My eyes have been painted over
Blindness is all I see,
But not for long, for come tomorrow,
Yellow's history.

I went back the next day, got the bucket and geared up. Here is me ready to paint with a vengeance.

Here are some "before" pics

Here are some "during" pics

(not so easy, writing with a paint roller.)

Sean came home and finished off for me just as i was passing out and my arms going completely numb.

And here is me after, all sweaty. Actually i look just as sweaty as in the before pic from carrying the cursed bucket home.

But here are our walls all nicely painted!

Do you love it or love it? Because we love it. HUGE improvement, and the yellow is no more.


)en said...

I just looked at the title and thought it said Pantheon. Not to be confused. Although what other place looks more like the Pantheon than my house?

(that's supposed to sound braggy but now that the P is in ruins, it may be more true to life than i intended..sadly..)

Joel said...

Hi, Jen. this is Joel, Brooke's coworker. Your post reminded me of something I've been noticing lately. It seems everybody is painting one wall red. Within the space of a couple days we found that three people on our street had done it, each apparently without knowing that anyone else had done it. Weird.

)en said...

That is weird. But yeah, the "accent" wall is totally all the rage these days. I think it's just because everyone's too wussy to paint their whole room that color. :)

Thanks for stopping by Joel! your blog cracks me up.

Brooke said...

What a sweaty, super fun adventure! I hope to paint soon too, but only my garage, which is no where near as cool as your living room.

I like the new color. Though, I have to say, I don't hate the yellow...

alysha said...

Glad I got to see the paint in is gorgeous. Makes me feel sort of calm.
Except when I am playing games. Thanks for hosting tonight, so fun!
And look forward to monthly hang outs with you visiting people. you know, I have a blog too.
check it ooouuutt...

)en said...

Hey man! what a surprise. :) Thanks for coming. It was pretty darn fun and your midget story still makes me laugh at random moments.

Awesome.. i will check out your blog.