Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pictures of Paradise

Weeeelcome to Antigua! Here are some pictures of our beautiful island vacation. Some will have captions, some might not. I took about 500 scenery pics so i'll try to intersperse them within this post. So sit back and enjoy yourselves.

(sing to "which one is not like the other"): "Which one of us wears lots of sunscreen.. which one of us doesn't? :) (I tease but this came around and kicked me in the end. I severely burned my shoulders on the 3rd day and was hating life. Who's laughing now, jen)

It really did look like this.

It's a rough life, it is.

Sean packed some mini-watercolors and got to paint. This was usually part of our early morning ritual.

Sean built a dragon/water monster. It's the picture of awesomeness. I helped. :)

Here it is, finished.

Here is me going for a ride a la Falcor & Atrayou-style.


The moon was big and white in the middle of the sky. Do you see it?

This was a really, really fun castle. We were entertained by this for hours.

Probably my favorite sunset pic. It was hazy for the first part of the trip so the sunsets weren't all they could be. But come the last night of our trip, it didn't let us down.

Here we are at breakfast. :) (I love spoons)

This is a picture of Monserrat. We couldn't see this until the 3rd day. Wow.

This is some island from the sky. I'm not sure what it is. something near Puerto Rico.

Dusk! Prettiest time of the day.

Ok, talk about an obsession. Here are our shells. We divided them into categories. Can you find the "swirlies"? How about the "ears"? Or the "horns"? (that might be difficult) And there are few shells totally in-tact. That was the ultimate goal but they were quite rare. It was a triumphant moment when one of us found one. But regardless, the shells there were beauuuutiful.

The most delicious conch fritters.

Here is a coral ball.

I like this pic mostly because of the invisible person whose hand I appear to be shaking. Seriously, what am i doing?

Ok, now for the crab face-off! Meet Mr. Crab:

I love this picture of the crab here, with his giant claw poised and aimed at the ready.

Oh Antigua. Thanks for being so good to us.


Brooke said...

Excellent pics, Jen. I'm even more jealous than I was before. Curse you!

Anonymous said...

So great!!!!

Amy said...

WOW! I love the bandana...so authentic. The pics are amazing.

)en said...

woohoo! thanks for the comments, girls. Ah... how fun. Brooke, you can take your curses elsewhere.

I am loving the bandanas lately. I don't know if I can pull them off but you know what? who gives, is what i say.