Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jerky Jen

The other day I did something so blatantly rude, I'm a little ashamed of myself, yet remain in a state of curious wonderment at how I could do such a thing. Here's how it went down:

I'm walking on 6th avenue around Greenwich Village with a friend. The sidewalk was crowded but it wasn't insane like it can be. I approach a 20-something dude listening to his ipod and belting out a song as loud as he possibly can. Now, this is annoying, right? Everyone knows you never sound as good as you think you do when you're singing along with music only you can hear. It's a law of physics. But, whatever. There are far more annoying things in the world and who am I to be the annoying police? (*pause* I would make SUCH a good police officer of annoyance control, or POAC.)

I can keep my cool and just keep on walking. Which, i swear to you, I would have normally done.

Here's what happened. He's singing along, totally getting into his performance--touching his earphones and swaying and everything. The moment I walk by him, I suddenly feel the need to turn to him and give him a big fat THUMBS DOWN in front of his face.


He responded: "No? You don't like it?" And I replied, "No, it's so bad." Not viciously, but as a critique, seriously. Because that's why I think I did it. It really seemed like he was auditioning and I was suddenly a judge as I passed by him. I felt like he was asking for feedback. That's the only reason why I did that, I swear. Despite what you may think, I don't usually take it upon myself to go out of my way to tell people they suck. Or even in passing.

And he took it like someone who wanted honest feedback. He said to me as I passed by, "Well, that's ok! I'm going to make it anyway!" and i pumped the air as if to say "right on, brotha!" Even though he was really bad, I admired his tenacity.

Is that so so mean? Or just a little bit mean.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, that is pretty funny. Kinda like the teacher who you told it was time to go. haha. Just kidding.

Brooke said...

Hey, if you're belting it out in public, you gotta be ready for the comments.

)en said...

That's what i say. You're screaming in my ear, i ought to be able to voice my opinion.

Yeah,michelle... i still really can't believe i did that. what a snot.

Anonymous said...

As a sometime (if not frequent) recipient of your thumbs down, I have to admit, it can be hard to take. Somehow it can feel like a general critique... i.e. "you add up to this"... Sounds like he didn't take that way though. I am sounding rather sensitive here...