Friday, June 22, 2007

Embarrassing Moments

Don't you love 'em. They are the best. Some of us are prone to embarrassing ourselves and instead of hiding it, I think we should embrace these shining moments. Share them, laugh at them, let's all sit back and enjoy others' humiliation. I have one that's not THAT bad, but it was pretty decent and caused me to sit in the corner for the rest of the semester.

Once upon a time, one bright fall morning, it was the first class of a new semester. I actually don't remember if it was fall but it sets a good scene. The day was a Tuesday, as I recall, and that particularly class met on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thus, instead of class being the typical 50 minutes'ish long like M/W/F classes, this one was a bit longer. You'll see I forgot this.

I'm sitting in class and--bless him, though a nice guy, my teacher was INSANELY boring. I hugged the clock with my eyes, praying, coaxing it to reach the end of the hour. Amazing, it did, eventually, and the bell rang. My heart lept and my legs were on the brink of following when i looked around and no one budged. Not an eyelash had fluttered, no motion of gathering up books and pens. Nothing. Everyone's sitting as they were, listening to the professor lecture.

What the hey? I ask myself. What is going on? Now, I am a patriot of having things end on time. I support this, fully, and when it doesn't happen, I feel a sense of duty to take it upon myself to help it happen. So, as time started going backward and my body itched to say something, I finally couldn't take it any longer and I raised my forearm in front of me, watch-side out, and gave my teacher the "look at me" vibe. He finally did look my way and when he did, I gave a small tap or two to my watch and mouthed "time to go!" Fortunately we had just introduced ourselves that day and my name was written on a card on my desk. My teacher paused in the middle of what he was saying and kindly said, "What, Jennifer? It's time to go, is it?"

I nodded and smiled politely.. not wanting to embarrass the nice man. You're welcome, i was getting ready to say to my peers, satisfied at my job well-done. But then I heard murmerings of protestation and nonconcurrence from my fellow students, several of them saying, "No it's not..." in a confused and slightly annoyed tone. And then yes, of course, I realized it was a TUESDAY, (@#$%!) and class was 20 minutes longer. After we had all made clear that I, "Jennifer" (nametag) was totally wrong and had interrupted everything for nothing, things went back to normal, my teacher continued, and I shrunk to the size of a grape in my chair for the remainder of the class. Now, lest you think this isn't very embarrassing, let us recall in ourminds the image of my raising my arm, totally presumptuously tapping my watch and mouthing "time to go" in a sort of pitying way to my teacher. Yeah.

SUCH a good day.

Ok, let's hear 'em. I want a lot, so whoever you are--I don't care who--if you've got a good one, email it to me: If you want to be anonymous, it's cool. And I will put it on a future post. Come on! You know you have a goodie. DO IT!!


Brooke said...

Classic. I love it, J. :)

"Um, sir? Yeah, times up. Shut your yap."

Anonymous said...

I know... that i'd have the gall to even do that... serves me right.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!