Friday, May 18, 2007

Jen's Dream Journal

Behold, I have a new blog! It is called Jen's Dream Journal I have dreams all of the time and I thought, hey, why not slap them up on a blog for the whole world to see? I'm just that lame to keep a dream journal, and who WOULDN'T want to read about my dreams, I ask.

Here is a sample dream. It's one I had a few years ago. And, I happen to have it because I wrote it in my actual journal, sadly. Geek City. It made me laugh though:

So I had the weirdest/funniest dream early this morning. I was at my neighbor's house, a couple houses down. I don't know what I was doing there, but I had just gotten out of the shower or something because I suddenly realized I was completely naked. I decided I needed something from my own house so I just walked there totally in the buff, all calm like. I then grabbed this rag or something to "cover up" but I didn't even use it for that but instead, I strapped it around my head like a bandana!

Ohhh it's good stuff. Please, visit! Unless it's super boring. If so, tell me. My dreams are interesting to me, but may be stale to others.


Lianna said...

Jen I can totally relate. I thought I had the wierdest dreams ever, but we might have a tie. I always have dreams about using the toliet in public & there is always something wrong with it so I can't go. Sometimes I am psychic because I'll have a dream that someone is pregnant or something & then it's true. pretty cool huh? are you psychic too?

)en said...

Totally! My psychic dreams are usually about something serious. Aren't dreams amazing? I mean, some are obviously ridiculous but I think others can be quite significant. Yes, I am a believer of dreams. We should form a group blog dream journal. :)