Thursday, May 17, 2007

heaven help us

I'm sorry, but I had to tell you what i heard on the news today.

The news anchor was giving us the upcoming news stories when they got back from commercial and he said, "get the story behind a woman who today fell through a sidewalk grate..."

and then, THEN, here's what he said:

"...and, speaking of grate, weatherman Bill Johnson has a "grate" accu-weather weekend forecast, coming up..."

Please, please, no.

I told this to Sean over IM and here's what we said:

Sean says: (6:12:21 PM)
oh my gosh, what a complete waste of breathe

Sean says: (6:13:11 PM)
why would someone look for a pun like that?

Jen says: (6:13:19 PM)
i don'tknow..

Jen says: (6:13:31 PM)
and..let's make a joke out of the woman who fell through a grate

Sean says: (6:14:08 PM)

And then I said:

Jen says: (6:14:05 PM)
it's like saying "a 13-year-old boy committed suicide today... And speaking of suicide, you may just want to commit suicide yourself after the scorching hot weekend coming up..."

at the same time Sean sent:

Sean says: (6:15:09 PM)
"And you know what else died today?! High prices for sandals! Never pay too much!"

Sean says: (6:15:21 PM)
yours was better

Jen says: (6:15:37 PM)
Ha ha

Jen says: (6:15:39 PM)
i liked yours

Sean says: (6:15:49 PM)

Ha ha. Anyway... man, i hate the news here. Ridiculous.


Brooke said...

Ooo, lamest transition ever. I hate hearing those. They make my ears almost bleed.

Ashley said...

I love your guys' jokes, though. You two are made for each other.