Wednesday, March 21, 2007

some things

Here are some things I've come to learn about Utah and my trip:

The sky is so, so ginormously huge.

I've actually missed BYU campus. Oh, BYU Bookstore... how have i survived without you?

It's really pretty.

When people who I don't know and don't know me, wave to me from their car as i pass in mine, there is no cause for alarm.

I am a total hazard on the road. Don't drive for 8 months and then only a few times before another 8 months or so, and you lose some skills.

I like carpet.

Seeing LDS mementos is weird city, man.

I like the sound of quiet.

Not thinking about/making dinner every night is sooooo nice.

I hate, hate, just REALLY hate being away from Sean.

Back to NY soon!


Brooke said...

Jen, it was so fun seeing you! I hope you've enjoyed your stay in this great state. And, I'm looking forward to checking out yours. :) Cheers!

)en said...

I should mention, it's weird city to see LDS mementos in Walmart. In fact.. it's weird city to see a Walmart, and one that's clean, has stocked shelves, and friendly people that actually help you.