Saturday, March 03, 2007

Armory '07!

It's that time of year again, when the Armory Show comes to town. Hundreds and hundreds (ok.. i don't know, but lots) of galleries come and show off their best stuff in individual dividers/booths. We see paintings, sculptures, video stuff, etc etc. It is an absolute MARATHON. We are totally wasted by the end but we feel that we have to see EVERYTHING so we just have to plow through.

The great thing about the Armory Show is that because there is just so much stuff, you can't spend too much time looking at one thing so you have to make quick and bold critiques/judgments. For example: "Hate it. Next." "Boring. Next." "Love it," "hate it," "it's ok," "what the crap? that's the stupidest thing i've EVER seen," "I am so sick of all the porn," "look at all this dirty dirty crap," etc etc. To be honest, this year's show was slightly disappointing. I think we saw way more cool stuff last year. But there were some cool things and i snapped some pictures. So, without further ado...

Firstly, here's a pic of the show, to give you some idea. There are signs above each booth with the name of the gallery. See how many signs there are? Can you see? Maybe it's too hard to tell. But that's just one row. There were like 10, with stuff on each side.

Behold! The golden pringle tree!

I thought this was a good painting.

Some books

Mirrors! Can you find us?

I liked this fuzzy black and white tree

This was cool too

Sean liked this one

but THIS was his favorite, i think.

This peach painting was gorgeous and you can't even tell in this photo which is WHY, everyone, you should visit museums and galleries. There.

Check out Sean workin' it with this chick. Just kidding, she's fake. It's funny because after I took this picture (and telling Sean to pretend he's talking to her) i walked around and saw that her jacket is open and her boobs are all exposed. ha ha. which would kind of make sean look like a sleaze, but he's looking at her eyes it appears, so he's a gentleman afterall.

Here are a bunch of pans. Have you SEEN so many pans in one heap.

Which hand is fake?

Now, i am definitely not one for video art. I have very little tolerance for it. But this one slightly amused me which is more i can say about any other video art, so i snapped a pic. It was of this guy with giant balls on his hands and feet and he kept felling and then trying to get up and stay up but then falling again. "Haha! Guy keeps falling" i laughed, while pointing. I am a serious art critic.

"Ah, seductive torsos on a platter" is what Sean said (or something similar) when we came upon this one.

This was kind of fun, and a little bit scary.

We both thought this painting was amazing. Beautiful. UPDATE: my bad, i forgot that this is in fact a photograph, not a painting.

And finally, some white frosting.

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Wow. That is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing the pics.