Wednesday, January 10, 2007

a vague flashback

Today i was flashed back to years past, as an avid reader in my little girlhood. I remember reading a book. It was about 2 sisters, one of whom was very annoying. I can't remember what thisbook was and I'm inclined to think it was a Ramona book, but somehow i don't think it was. I remember there was a scene when the reckless annoying sister tipped over and shattered the display case of a bunch of old dolls and they had to repair them? Something like that. And there's this other part in the book where the mom is taking the girls downtown and they fight over who gets to push the button and hear the delightful "ping!" That's all i remember.

Anyway, this moment hit me today when i was on the bus, and it was as if the book itself knocked into the side of my head. Those who take public transporation buses know this, probably. So when you know your stop is the next one, you hit the button--sometimes it's in the form of yellow tape along the bus walls. When you do, a clear "ding!" is heard, and the "Stop requested" light at the front of the bus lights up. Today i was on an older bus. It had no buttons, only the yellow tape. I pushed the tape for my stop and heard a stinct "ping!" A ping is not a ding, and this was definitely a ping. Instantly i was launched to that scene in this book, whose title I can't recall, but feelings I had for it came rushing back. I liked it, but there was something disturbing about it. So i felt disturbed but have no idea why. Oh! I remember one more thing. There is a clown cup, a favorite cup with the picture of a clown on the bottom. Maybe that's why i was disturbed. Anyway... weird.

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