Thursday, January 11, 2007

stupid fashion trends

I hate stupid trends. Fashion trends. And i hate that i am victim to it whether i choose to be or not. Take skinny jeans. They suck! Who decided this was in? They don't even look good and they're only wearable on .0001% of the population. I realize i don't have the figure for skinny jeans and would frighten others around me if i put them on. So i don't buy them. But there is nothing ELSE to buy. All jeans everywhere are still skinny jeans and it makes me so irate! Arrggh! If i wanted to buy new jeans this year i'd have to buy skinny jeans. But I won't, so i just have to wait until skinny jeans are out and they start making normal ones again. Sucks.

Also, what's up with this skull emblem. Why is it everywhere? Who likes skulls? Why do i want to walk around dressed in skulls? Who would? I don't understand. It's so lame. Go away, lame trend. Be gone. And then, when i was at H&M, one of my favorites, i couldn't believe how many ferociously ugly tops i saw with total 80's prints and designs. I mean, we're talking brightly colored geometric shapes, most of which are small triangles. As a child and lover of the 80's, this has gone too far. Some things, once dead, should stay that way. I was repulsed.

Remember black pants with the attached skirt? How lame was THAT? Man, i never bought into that. I think i must have excellent fashion sense because those didn't last long. I remember thinking, nice try! Anyway.. i just hate crappy fashion trends because once it's a trend, everyone produces it and it's all that's available. I have no choice inthe matter if i want to buy new clothes. Just have everything all of the time and let ME decide. I guess i can opt not to buy new clothes. I can also wear things with holes and stains which i might have to do. maybe i'll start a new trend.

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