Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Iiiit's aaalright...cuz I'm

I know many of you are Saved By the Bell fans. Saved By The Bell is for my generation what The Brady Bunch was for the generation before. Or Lassie for the one before that. Ok, maybe not Lassie. Happy Days? Anyway, so you may call yourself a fan. But are you a TRUE fan? We shall see. Answer these trivia questions and we'll find out! (Ash, you can't play since we made a SBTB trivia game)

1) I'll start you off easy. What was Jessie's last name?

2) What was the name of their rival high school?

3) What was the name of Kelly's baby brother whom Zack loses?

4) Finish this line: "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so _______!" (<-- best episode of all time)

5) What is Zack's radio personality pseudonym?

6) Name the father of Zack's love interest while the gang works at the beach resort during the summer.

7) Name the beach resort

8) Fill in the blanks: "Oh that I were that glob of ________, that you might dip your _________ in my _______."

9) What concert does Zack's mom attend when she thinks he's sleeping over at Slater's? (hint: She buys him a poster and says, "He'll like that.")

10) What's the name of Mr. Belding's hip, younger brother?

Ok, GO!!!


Rob said...

Wow, I thought I knew this show! I didn't do very well actually. I did happen to notice that a lot of your questions were about Zack...hmmm...interesting.

)en said...

Well, no one seems to care but i'll put up the answers just in case there's one person out there who's dying to know. They are:

1- Spano
2- Valley
3- Billy
4- scared
5- Nitro
6- Leon Carosi
7- Malibu Sands
8- ketchup, frenchfries, face
9- Peter, Paul and Mary (she's singing "Puff the Magic Dragon")
10- Rod