Sunday, November 19, 2006

Beta my ---

For those of you who may have been trying to comment (i'll just pretend people have been trying to. It makes me look like less of a loser) apparently my switch to the beta version of blogger has messed things up somehow. I don't know how but i'm assuming that's it, since my account was fine before i made the switch. Blooger (blogger+ google) had better make it worth my while! This switch, i mean. Anyway, so we'll see what happens. In the meantime, i'll try to come up with some genius posts, regardless of whether or not comments can be made.

UPDATE: It appears leaving comments now works. Someone try it.


Unknown said...

Here's a comment for you, Jen. Did you ever notice that my comments offer come late, late in the night? I wish I could do that Saved by the Bell quiz, but I guarantee that I would score so, so low because I didn't watch it that much. I know, I'm deprived.

)en said...

Yeah, way late. What is up? Is that the real time? I'm glad you're staying up so late just to comment on my blog.

And yes, you are totally deprived. SBTB is such a classic show. I would say that it defines a huge part of who i am today.