Thursday, October 05, 2006

National Geographic is Great

Sean handed me the National Geographic the other day and had me read this excerpt:

(note: to avoid confusion, a booby is a kind of bird.)

"While gnat larvae develop in the boobies' droppings, adults sip moist mucus from the birds' eyelids. They're happy to drink around your eyes, too. And in your ears, up your nose, or on any patch of sweaty skin--by the hundreds, tickling without letup."

EWWW! I was vomiting at every word. So there's a little treat for you. Suckers.


Lianna said...

Thanks Jen. One more thing for me to be paranoid about.

Brooke said...

Hmm, great morning read.

Rob said...

The Blue footed Booby? We saw some of those in the Galapagos. We got my father in law a shirt that says, "I love Boobies!" He never wears it...(sigh).